Husand just diagnosed Stage 4 metastatic melanoma.. HELP

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My husbaned had melanoma 12 years ago. It was classified as a stage 2 and involved a lision on his back and evidence of cancer in a sentinal node under in his armpit. Seven lymph nodes were removed at the time. Now, flash forward, three skin lisions appeared and after biopsies, pet scan, etc, he has been diagnosed as stage 4 with mets in his lungs, liver and bones. Fortunately, his MRI indicates nothing in his brain. He has been referred to UCSF and had his first appointment with Dr. Algazi on Friday. His tissue is being tested to see if he qualifies for a B-Raf trial to investigate BRAF inhibiter in combination tieh the MEK inhibitor. The BRAF part of the trial is a phase II study, but the MEK part is a phase 1, with a 2/3 chance of getting the medication. If he does not have the gene for B RAF they want him in a trial entitled: "A Two Arm Phase II Trial of Sequentail Axitinub and Carboplatin/Paclitaxel in Melanoma with Correclative FLT PET (CC#10852". The doctor doesn't think he would be a good candidate for interleukin because of some cardiac issues. UCSF also doesn't offer trials using IPI, but I have gotten mixed reviews on that.

Ok, my head is swimming and I'm not a doctor, and I'm overwhelmed by the information.
Can anyone offer any advice? Any experience with UCSF? Any hope?

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    For More Advice

    I think you will get more response if you go to this website:

    there are more people who know about the trials and responses there who may be able to help you out. I am so sorry about your husband. I hope he qualifies for the BRAF MEK. It's the one that sound the most positive.

    Peace to you.

    lovingwife to Bob, stage 4 melanoma
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    Hi Deborah,
    My husband also

    Hi Deborah,

    My husband also has Stage IV melanoma, to lungs, lymph nodes, and adrenal gland. We went to UCSF in November 2010 about the clinical trial for BRAF. Unfortunately, he's BRAF negative. So we tried 3 months of Temodar, which was unsuccessful. We are now back at UCSF for the other trial you mentioned: Axitinib with Carbo/Paxol. He just started this week, so we have our fingers crossed. Let me know if you're still up at UCSF, and if you're in a trial. We live in San Jose, so it's a schlep every week, but it's worth it. Prayers for both our husbands!