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They say they got it all But..........

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They say they got it all but they still say i need to have radiation and chemo. It has helped me a lot reading all the blogs I am not as scared about the treatment like I was this morning. I called today and I am getting fitted for a wig. I have long hair I guess I will donate my hair for someone like me to have a wig I will pay it forward it will help me I think Get the hair cut before I loose it and it won't be so bad knowing I can help someone else. You all really do help it is a very scary thing the unknown ....thank you

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Hi Elizabeth and welcome, although I'm sorry you have to be here because of breast cancer. I just wanted to say that I think your idea about getting your hair cut is a great idea. I had hair down to the middle of my back when I was diagnosed last June. I had to have chemo also, so when I was diagnosed I cut my hair to just above my shoulders. Then after my mastectomy I got it cut even shorter, and the day before my first chemo i got it cut into a super short pixie cut. It helped me tremendously to get used to looking different (i had long hair since high school). When my hair started falling out from the chemo, I had my husband shave it off. It gave me control & was easier than literally watching it all fall out.
I'm glad you found this site - I found it when I was waiting for my biopsy results. It really helps to correspond with others who have "been there, done that". Chemo IS scary. I was terrified. It really helped me to read chemo-related posts on here. Please come back often, and ask any and all questions you have. We're here for you :) Alot of us are on facebook also, if you're on there too!

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Thank you so very much i will be here a lot over the next three months i will have really a lot support I am so blessed to have found a new family

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and you will always find a willing ear to listen or a shoulder to
lean on to. I owe this lady's more than they will ever know. I
did this by my own, no family, no boy friend or husband. But
I could always count on my sisters to come through for me.

How wonderful of you to donate your hair. It is a good idea to
cut your hair and get used to it little by little.

It is great that they got it ALL! What is your diagnosis, which

Good thing you found us early on your journey. Now you have
all these sisters to accompany you and if needed to lean on.


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Joined: Feb 2011

I don't know what stage I know they said it was positive for cancer and so they did a lumpectomy which took half my breast they also took out one limp-node which came up clean but because there where two receptors in the tumor. One they said I can take a blocker for my hormones to fix it the other is I thin a ru2 receptor which puts me at very high risk to have the cancer return so they said I really need to not take any chances and just have the radiation at the sight for 6 weeks and also chemo for 3 months that way I am protected.

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You have come to a wonderful place. I am sorry you needed to find us but so glad you did.
You will find a lot of useful information and support here. If you have questions there will always be someone to answer. If you need to vent we are here to listen.
Donating your hair is a wonderful way to pay it forward.


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Welcome Elizabeth we are a sisterhood of "pinks". Happy you found us.

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Megan M
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Chemo and rads will kill any cancer cells that might still be lurking, so, they are good treatments to do. I wish you the best of luck with both.

Hugs, Megan

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...but we are all sure glad it's here!

The GREAT news is they got it all...

The good news is that chemo/rads, depending on many factors, is a standard after-surgery approach at this date and time.

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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chemo and radiation are not fun butyou can do it. keep posting and you will get lots of support and answeres. usually someone here has dealt with an issue or side effect.

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Good for you for donating your hair! And welcome! I am a newbie myself here. It is a wonderful place to be.

I hope your tx goes smoothly. I will say a prayer for you

"May you be at Peace; May you be free of Suffering."

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That would so nice of you to donate your hair. And, welcome to the site!

Good luck,


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TO donate hair now....i wish you the best....with treatments...!

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Sorry you need to be here but it is a great place for support and info. I also had a lumpectomy clean margins, 3 nodes removed all clear. I also had chemo and rads and am on Tamoxifen now. I am just past the 1 yr. mark from dx and March will be 1 yr. since surgery. My hair was not real long but I did choose to have mine cut short. I did not have enough to donate but I wish I had that is great. Prayers for you. God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice

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I also am wishing you good luck with rads and chemo! We are here for you!

Hugs, Kylez

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You have found the most amazing group of individuals to help you through treatments. Do you know what type of chemo you are going to have and how often? Like my other sisters have said the good news is they "got it all". Glad you found this site and please know that there is almost always someone here to answer your questions or just listen to your post. Good luck to you and look forward to getting to know you better. Take care.

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Welcome. Sounds like you are doing everything you can do to prevent this beast from ever coming back. Good for you. Scary?--Yes. Sometimes difficult?--Yes. Doable?--Definitely! Fight like a girl--you'll get there and be stronger for it.

Keep us posted--we care. Great idea about the hair donation. You will give someone somewhere a great gift.

Hugs, Renee

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Joined: Feb 2011

They said once every three weeks for 3 months they didn't tell me what type of chemo

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welcome aboard Elizabeth! I remember the unknown and being scared too. This site has been a lifesaver...full of information, good friends, and unconditional support! The sisters here got me through some rough times last year. It is a journey that is do-able...I am glad to hear you are doing everything to keep the beast away! Hugs

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Welcome! In spite of the nasty reason we're all here, you'll find this a great group of people. We'll gladly share advice, humor, support, hugs, etc. And the information you'll find here is top notch...both my oncologist and rads onc have asked me where I'm getting my info. I wish you well with treatments, and come back often to let us know how you're doing.



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Sorry you had to find us but you came to the best place I've been here since September but i had a mastectomy in June and started chemo in July did it for 6 months and getting ready for radiation all the ladies here are so good I got more answers here than my Dr. told me i didn't really know what to ask them because i didn't understand any of it but reading the boards and asking questions I've learned a lot i even give advice now LOL just ask and if i can't answer some pink sister will be able to. HUGS TO YOU MOLLYZ

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