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Time off

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I have posted a few times about anemia, bone pain, etc... I just wanted to get a feeling about how some of you feel or have dealt with taking a few days off of work to "heal", body & soul.

I am in my 2nd round of anemia side effects, chronic diahrrea, chills, weakness etc... It has made working difficult and my onc. is considering wheter to continue the pills or try the infusion way. Either way he goes, I am having a hard time. I thought I would be so much better by now, but at every turn, I seem to have a set back.

I guess I think that if I take time off, it's giving in to the side effects.

I need advice,


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The only extensive time I took off was for my lumpectomy - during chemo I only took off the day of chemo (Friday - took all day almost) then that next Monday - Wednesday. These were my crash days. All other time I was able to go to work. My advise to you is... if you have the sick leave/vacation time then take off. It really is a personal decission -I've heard of others that have taken months off even up to a year. I on the other hand couldnt' do it - I needed to work. I'm very social and need people. But really, if you are too sick to go to work and just need to be off to take care of yourself - then I would take off work.

I hope I helped you even alittle. good luch to you Jean. Please let me know what you decide.

God bless you,


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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I took a medical leave from work, I will be off at least nine months before returning to work. My job is very demanding, 50 to 60 hours a week and I didn't feel that I could give the customers, my coworkers, or the company my fullest. I wanted my family and fighting cancer to be the priority in my life, still do. Like your treatment, this is a very individual decision. You have to do what is right for you.



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Megan M
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I'm sorry that you are feeling like this. Maybe some time off from work would help you. Please do what will be best for you.

Hugs, Megan

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I am a firm believer now that you need time and TLC to heal you body
and soothe your soul. I took time off during mastectomy and on days
that I felt really lousy after chemo.

I tried to avoid stress whenever I could afford to. Pamper yourself and
be there for yourself, listen to your body. And just the fact that you
raised this question tells me that you need a break. Taking time off
does not equal to giving in to the side effects. Rather the opposite,
it is equal to equipping your body with more energy and focusing
consciously on the healing process itself.

I am so sorry you are having such a hard time and I hope it will
soon get easier for you.


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sorry such a hard time...feel better...

Denise W

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I had bilateral lumpectomies followed by 4 rounds of chemo followed by 33 radiation treatments, and worked mostly full-time through most of it.

When I hit the wall of exhaustion 5 weeks into rads, my radiation oncologist sat me down, suggested I take some time off of work, and said, "Traci, you have the rest of your life ahead of you to work your a** off -- now is the time to take care of yourself."

Jean, he's right.


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Thanks to all of you!! I will take some time off. I just needed a boost of confidence to do it. I am a year out of chemo & rads, so I guess I feel like I should be "done".

Thanks again

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Time off sounds like what you really need. I hope you can do it.

Good luck,


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I worked the whole time (treatments on lunch) no side effects...BUT I did go to support group over hour away about: work/ job/ rights etc..

another person there said never missed work , this and that...but really did her no good. I can't explain it but when they talked back and fourth is made so much sense! I know what I am saying is not much help..

but they did not think any more of her by doing it! All I remember this lady saying is I went above and beyond and it got me nowhere at work.

Can you use FMLA? I chose not to-I had more then enough sick time (took 2 wks post surgery)& belong to the SICK BANK! if you use that-(At my job they mailed me paperwork for FMLA I rec'd it with in 24 hrs of me telling the the "C" word.) NO one explained it -I was clueless and didnt' know better! SO much a plate at the time!

So I agree with your Doctor...YOUR job is safe with FMLA-
So I HOPE you can take some time off-rest up and feel better-is all i am trying to say..

Denise W

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You always use FMLA and you legally do not get to decline. It provides job security and they can't use the time off against you.

I am appalled at how many HR Departments don't explain it to their employers and don't follow the law.

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I finished chemo and rads last year (Hey - I just realized my Chemo Grad date was 1 year ago today!!!) and I still feel exhausted a good deal of the time. And I had a pretty easy time with the side effects compared to many stories I've read here.

I also worked through pretty much everything, taking 2 weeks off for my lumpectomy and 3 days off for each chemo treatment.

My mom has to remind me sometimes when I tell her that I'm tired of being tired - "Your body has been through a LOT and is still healing."

Give yourself time to heal. You'll be better for it, and will be able to have the energy to give back and do what you want sooner than if you try to keep pushing your way through this.


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Yeah ONE year ago...!!!

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is needing to. Traci's doc is absolutely right...once you feel better, you can go back. NOW is the time to pamper yourself and just take it easy.

I pray you feel better Jean.



New Flower
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Good idea, I was going to suggest it to you. Please make sure you complete all paperwork with HR.

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It is not giving in to side effects but rather standing up to them and doing what it takes to end them. It sounds like you need to give yourself time to really heal and rest. Just a reminder that when you do take off don't get all busy with what you need to do but instead really treat your self with rest and good nutrition and time. Good luck to you!

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said so well " not giving in but standing up to them" side effects!!!!!

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Jean thanks for asking the ??? I am so nervous start chemo soon and want to work thru this. The not knowing how my body is going to react is scary. course my job is very stressful and if it continues I will consider taking a leave I worry about if I take a leave how it will effect my job but then again if a have another melt down like today I wont care. di

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It sounds like you need time off to heal. It's not giving in to side effects, it's taking care of yourself after a long and difficult journey...as others have said, make sure you have covered your rights on the job if that is an issue...and pamper yourself while you are off...don;t get involved in home projects, etc. (that's what I tend to do since it's very hard for me to sit still).

I;m not sure about where you live, but here in Northern Virginia there are many free programs for cancer survivors like gentle yoga, meditation, support groups....and time off may be time for you to do some healing things for yourself. Things like massage (I do monthly and beauty treatments also can be pampering.

You've been through a lot, DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP for needing time off; listen to your body and give it what it needs.


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And check if you qualify for FMLA.

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for those who have used it...is it simple process? (does it go bay state rules or Federal anyone know)?

Almost 3 yrs ago when I told work about "C" they mailed it to me..no one explained it & I was clueless until after the fact I went to support group-ref: work issues..

Denise W

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Take time off you will be glad you did. I finally wised up. You can utilize your disability benefits.

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I didnt work through it I simply couldnt. I am back at work on a limited basis and struggling. I am int he same boat, not wanting to give in. I suppose i think then I am giving in to cancer. But really as stated above you are needing to heal, rest and de-stress. I admire the people who can do it, but dont think I am am weak because i cant . every body is different and reacts differently.

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