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6 months past chemo and still no eyebrows

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I have hair growing everywhere but just no eyebrows yet. I do have eyelashes a whole head of hair light hair growing on my face and the hairiest legs ever. Slow hair coming back under my arms and private area. But i am missing my eyebrows which still make me look sick. I draw them on occasionally when I go out for the evening but i am wondering if they will ever come back. Anyone else have this problem?

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My last chemo was 8/09 and I still have hardly any eyelashes. They just never grew back. Since I am going to have chemo again, my daughter asked if I wanted to have permanent make-up applied. They can draw on eyebrows and make eyeliner for the eyelashes. I opted not to have it done.

I think everyone's body responds differently after chemo is finished, just as they respond differently to the chemo. Good luck in your recovery period. In peace and caring.

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I'm just over 3 weeks post chemo and I have fine white hair coming back all over my head, but nothing else, so far. I have lost eyelashes and eyebrows and look like a ghost - fingers crossed we both get them back
Kindest wishes

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Double Whammy
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I had chemo for breast cancer, but hair loss is hair loss. My last chemo was 9/23 and I'm still covering my head and applying false eyelashes (they look good by the way). My eyelashes and brows didn't fall out until about a month after my last chemo. Go figure.

I'm very disappointed in the return (or lack thereof) of my hair. My head hair is only about 1" long, and is very fine and sparse. If I use a 8 X magnifying mirror, I can see that I do have some eyelashes growing - very sparse, light, and short. I've been applying OTC Revitalash for the past several days - we'll see how that goes. I have maybe 3 light brow hairs.

I'm very fair and my hair is gray. I think I look sicker with the sparse hair regrowth than I did totally bald! I may not have to do my hair everyday, but I have to draw on a face and glue on eyelashes to look human. Thank God for cosmetics.

I, too, am considering permanent eye liner and eyebrows. I'd been considering it prior to chemo anyway. Definitely the liner.

A good friend had chemo for endo cancer the same time I had chemo for breast cancer. Her hair isn't much longer than mine, but it's so thick and she no longer has to wear hats or wigs. She has long lucious eyelashes and brows. I'm so jealous. Patience is not one of my finer qualities.



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Patience - all will return - even those pesky chin hairs!!

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