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Happy Valentine's Day!

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D Lewis
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Happy Valentines Day to everyone here on these message boards! I'm holding you all in my heart today. I could not have survived this without you. Sending healing and positive thoughts to you all. Have a wonderful day!


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Have a great day Deb. Happy valentines and I'm from Chicago!

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Love Ya!


Posts: 72
Joined: Nov 2010

Thanks, you too!

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Back at ya Deb and to everyone else here as well!

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My thoughts exactly.

Thank you all for being there for me.



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Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day! I hope you all are having a blessed day surrounded by those you love and care for. I wish for you a day of healing and happiness, a day of joy, a moment of beauty. Sending you a GIANT HUG!

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The Very Best of a Happy Valentine's Day....

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My Wife surprised me today at work, she showed up with Lunch and a box of Russell Stover Candy. On the card she wrote sorry my dear about all the pain you are going through but remember I am right here with you. Just goes to show that even after 35 years together love is still growing.

Happy Valentines Day to you too Debbie

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That is so sweet. Hearing something like that makes me think there might actually be true love. <3

Valentines has just been another day for me for a long time. Hoping you all have a nice day. I did get a little suprise card today. My Nizzy got me a Valentine. Since he doesn't have opposable thumbs and can't drive he got some help from his Nanna. Lol

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I wish you all a wonderfull day! My hubby is away so I shall celebate with a large slice of banana cream pie! Chocolate is still not working for me! Hugg's to all!

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She must be a very sweet wife to do that. You know it hurts us wives when we see the one we love go through pain and suffering. Even though I only had 2 months before Tom died, I died a little every day watching him. He was always healthy & fit, and it just sucked. I miss him so much every day and can't believe it'll be a year next month since I lost him. We would've been married 47 years last tuesday. Knew each other since 1st grade so it's like half of me is now dead.
Take care & love your wife! "Carole"

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Happy Valentine's Day! I agree my family could not have made through without everyone of you.


The Poston Family

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I lost my job at a Florist because of cancer, well they called and needed help, I went in worked Friday, Saturday , Sunday and Today, I made it threw for a couple of 8 hour days and partial other days, My owner said my worked was never better, and complained of others she had brought in the shop to help. As I left, I could tell she regretted leaving me go, and having Cancer didn't Kill the prize horse.....I felt some pride today. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY EVERYONE!!..DENNIS

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very cool that you were able to get back to work for the holiday...what a great Valentine's present for yourself...to know you can still do work you enjoy! enjoy this day!

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Wouldn't be here without you guys.

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