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Gobbler Neck Revisited

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There was an excellent thread on this topic a few months ago. So far, I've seen that it goes away within a year for some, doesn't go away for others. While we're waiting to find out which group we are in, I'm thinking of trying some of the devices mentioned - NeckCaddy was one and the Universal Plastic Surgery Facial Band Compression Garment was another.

Questions: Do you use one of these? Or something else? Are you happy with the results? How soon were you able to start using it? (We're just one week out from the dissection, but 3 months out from radiation.) Any other suggestions?


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because the body will make new pathways for drainage albeit slower than before. Also the therapy is covered under insurance and most likely the garments are not. The garment may be measured and fitted to the individual and so will be useless if the situation resolves with massage and a little time. There is a national register of certified lymphedema therapist that you can search by zip code. I went as far as being measured for a head garment but by then i started to see some improvement and never ordered it. It was my massage therapist who measured me for the garment. if I bought one it would be this one:


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David has a bad case of it and we need to find a massage therapist, where would I find the National registery? I googled and found 1 therapist in Knoxville. Seems like slim pickins. Thanks for the info.

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D Lewis
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I was warned against the use of any kind of 'compression garment' as my edema in the neck/throat area is very close to my carotid arteries. I was told that compression (in the areas where I needed it) might reduce blood flow to my brain. Eeeeeek. Has anyone else here heard of that one?


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I massage my neck in the shower in the morning. It seems to help with expediting my drainage from the previous night. The hot water seems to alleviate some of the tightness that occurs during the night.


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It takes a while for the Turkey neck to go away, I thought it was with me forever, it eventually goes away, I slept on a pillowup right a little, and the message method worked, I even asked about plastiv surgery, due to radiation, the area that I had rads will never heal properly and they strongly advised to be happy of what scares i had looked great compared to possible plastic that would be worst. Also I apply lotion, softens where they cut on me..Take Care...Dennis in tennessee

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Now 10 months post treatmnt I still have lymphedema. I went to a local physical therapist for massage treatment 3 times a week for 4 weeks and yes it showed immediate results the day of treatment. The hard lump under my chin would soften and the 2 rope like formations on front of my throat would also lessen in size and firmness. The therapist made me a firm foam rubber piece that I held in place with an ace bandage in the evenings at bedtime. I found it difficult to get on correctly and falling asleep with it on. I then ordered a "Compression & Support Garment" from http://marenagroup.com/store/entity/tabid/198/c-7-unisex-facial-head-wear.aspx. I figured I'd give it a try because the price was reasonable $25.75. The site gives measuring instructions and I had no trouble with the fit. It certainly beats the ace bandage method and I feel a difference after removing it. I still haven't slept an entire night with it on, but a few hours anyway.

Hoping to have this cleared up by Thanksgiving, feeling somewhat like an endangered species.

Best Wishes

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