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White Blood Count

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I am now 2 weeks after treatment and recovery has gone wonderful... am, of course, anxious about the upcoming test...

I have a question about blood tests. I have been doing blood tests every week to make sure all is going back to normal. It has and my white blood count went from 2.1 up to 4.7... that was good. Now this week it went back down to 3.0... is that bad? Have you had fluctuations in your white blood count after treatement was done? I thought it should just go up and up from here... Help.

Donna M
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White blood cell counts fluctuate normally, but the norm is 5-10. 3 is low, but your body will make more. Hang in there, if they get too low they will give you a shot that will stimulate your body to make more. While your count is low, stay away from people who have colds, have just had a cold and children. Children have good immune systems but they tend to carry whatever virus is going around at school or day care. Use hand sanitizer when touching any public item (Shopping carts, doors, baskets, etc.)

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Yes, blood counts will fluctuate. Ditto what Donna posted. The chemo is still at work in your body.

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My white blood count did the same thing after treatments and actually it was good all through them. Hang in there it will come back up. I think you said you had a 2 year old? I will tell you when my white blood count was at 3 my daughter and grandbabies were living with me at the time and the doctor told me no changing diapers for 30 days. You might want to ask your doc about this if your 2 year old is still in diapers.

Donna M
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You can change diapers if you need to. Wear gloves until the change is complete and the diaper is in the trash, throw your gloves in the trash, wash your hands. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. This is your FIRST line of defense in preventing illness for yourself as well as others.

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I'm 36 months out of treatment but my white blood count still runs about 3.8 and my red blood count is also low. I was Stage 1 when diagnosed. The consensus is that I have bone marrow damage and these counts are my new normal. I don't have any side effects from them but I do take extra precautions such as washing my hands frequently and taking extra Vitamin B-100.

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I'm so glad to see that your recovery has gone wonderful. I, too am suffering little from the side affects of radiation, and more from the side affects of chemo. My white count is 2.7 and I'm three weeks out from treatment. The problems that I experience the most are an inordinate amount of fatigue. I'm not used to that. I just saw my primary care physician and we discussed my blood work. I'm very low in potassium (eat a banana daily), low in Vitamin D and B12, and estrogen. I'm taking supplements now to see if I can improve these numbers. Don't know yet how to treat the estrogen issue. She asked if I wished to be placed on replacement therapy and I told her no for the time being, I need to do more research on the issue.
I'm looking forward to the day when I can do and feel as I did before this ordeal. I'm told to give it time, and I'm trying to be patient. I just never thought that a nap in the afternoon would become a daily routine, but it is what it is, and I am blessed that that is my only complaint right now. My scans also are set for late March so I'm anxious to share results.
Can you believe we did this? Amazing when you look back.
Take care, and wishing everyone continued improvement,

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I'm so glad fatigue is the only issue that is plaguing you now. It sounds like you are making a good recovery. The blood counts will eventually get back to normal levels--your body just needs a little time to rebound. Keep up with the supplements and I'm sure you'll see them come back up. Take care and I wish you continued improvement.

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Now both of us waiting for our March appointment. Mine is 3/30. It's the anoscopy. Then a PET scan a month later. You sound good... solid but slow recovery. Enjoy the nap! I learned to appreciate that it is a process (being usually a pretty inpatient person myself) and that feels good... may we both be well!!

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