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Round 8 Q.

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Kenny H.
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Went & had round #8 infusion today and back home with the pump now. During visit with Onc said (forgot correct terminology)something about liver count or enzymes up. I believe this was caused by a side effect of the folfox/5fu. Said if does not come down would have to halt treatments till #s come down.
Has anyone had this happen & how long to return on treatments? A big concern?

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hi,my husband had the same thing in round#5 but every thing went back to normal in round#6 hope this helps.

good luck

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Hi Kenny,

Some chemo drugs can affect liver function, so it is good to have that monitored during chemo (every time, or every few times). Generally my liver function has been ok -- it has risen (and I had to give up my precious glass of white wine!) but I never had to stop or reduce chemo. Others may have difference experiences.


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When they do a blood draw on you before starting chemo they test for about 10 different things and yes one is the enzyme levels from the liver...Another is CEA WBC,RBC, etc etc etc...But if any falter then its postpone time or Neupagen or Neulasta injections to boost immune system (WBC) back up...Chemo is a derivative from Chemical warfare actually invented or found during the World War. Through tests it showed massive aid in attacking and killing off cancer cells.....Bad part is, most suffer as much from the treatment as they do the disease, thus brings up another treatment regimen ( Juicing ) done by many here as an alternative instead of chemo and with good results as well. Both will help keep you mortal.....and thats what we all hope for......hang in there buddy, your rounding third.........Buzz

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Kenny H.
Posts: 503
Joined: Aug 2010

Thanks all for the responces and info. Wish my Onc doc could have explained it like that. (is why I love coming here)
Man I hope it goes back to normal next test, hate to stop now that Ive gone this far with no problems and felling OK for the most part.

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