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Happy Super bowl Sunday to all!

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Or just happy Sunday depending on your preference! My family is fairly sports oriented so I decided to treat them to some special treats for the game and give my lazy butt something fun to do. I will be ? maybe forced to jump on the Green Bay side but living in Minnesota that will take some doing!! I can't even imagine having said that. My husband refuses to root for Green Bay.as his Wisconsin coworkers cause too much trouble,lol.

Anyhow, hope each of you have a great day and start the new week with peace and as much contentment as possible. Good thoughts and blessings to all and thanks for always being there. Mary(FNHL,1-2,4A,7/08,Remission)

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A lot of people love and live and die for football. I used to be the same way....back when it was a game. Now its all about the mighty dollar and multi-million dollar contracts. They get paid if they play or not,win or lose. Sometimes they can't play because they are under arrest for murder or something. Ahhh,my heros. I don't think it even matters to them anymore. I watch it for the commercials. If not for the funny commercials I would rather watch Sponge Bob Square Pants. LOL John9FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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I hear ya on all of that and I'm in it for the commercials too. But at least it's a reason to make all kinds of food I normally wouldn't make and then eat it. Breaks up these old winter doldrums. And I do love Sponge Bob too!

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I hear ya John about the game changing over the years, but I still watch it and just enjoy spending the one on one time with Steve while doing it. He's a sports fanatic...colege ball...baseball..basketball..you name it he watches it. The only sport he doesn't watch is soccer. I love seeing the new commercials also, and like Mary says...it's a good time to eat a bunch of yummy snacks and not feel guilty...ha! ...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Good time to spend one on one time with my husband also. He, like your husband is into all kinds of sports, football, baseball, basketball, golf, not hockey. Doesn't matter if it's professional, college or high school to him. Got to love them,LOL.

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