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Found this randomly looking around in these threads....check out the Dates...and outcome

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March 11, 2003 - 8:59pm
Re: colon cancer met to lungs

Hi name removed!
I have had a similar situation myself. In 1984 at 27 yrs. old I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and was told that I would not be around long and to get myself ready to go home. I had 5 weeks of radiation therapy to shrink the tumor, followed by a full hysterectomy and a permanent colostomy. Well, I'm still here!!!!
In 1985 I was told that the cancer had spread to my lungs, but that the nodules were all centralized enough so that they could be operated on at Stanford University in a "berry picking" procedure, which they did. In 1986 one more of these nodules showed up and was then removed in a thorocotomy procedure. I haven't had any reports of cancer since then! Yayyyyyyyy!! I hope this gives you hope!
Giver of HOPE

Now...that was in 1984 with a re occurence in 1985...then NED up until the posted date of March 11, 2003 and who knows where shes at now.....the thing is, they have come a long way in technology and this is proof that there is always hope for all of us.....just thought someone would get a little peace from this, hope so.....sure made me feel better....

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I love reading this kind of story!

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Kerry S
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I’m reading much better today and I pop up this post.

OMG Buzz says he had a hysterectomy! No wonder he is cranky. What the hell has happened to this board?

It really took awhile until the drug fog cleared.

I learned, working on my well pump problem today, (we had no water) that Dilantin + steroids + 220 volts AC are not a good mix.

However the 220 did seem to put all the brain cells back in order real quick like after that last MRI shook them all up. I am not telling the doc about this screw up. They would start shocking me.

Kerry (electrified mellow version)

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Buzz having a hysterectomy, you're just too funny Kerry. I cracked up laughing.
Winter Marie

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OMG Kerry - you are just too funny!! I still have tears running down my cheeks from laughing so hard at you thinking that Buzz had a hysterectomy! Haahaahaaaha!!! Oh, thank you - I haven't laughed this hard in over a year!! I'm still laughing... :-D Thanks for that... Cynthia

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Now Kerry, it's not nice to be making fun of Buzz and his surgeries... why, it's insensitive!! Buzz has never actually come out and mentioned his hysterectomy in the past and it's probably because he was very self-conscious about it. So now, you go and read that Buzz is telling us he had a hysterectomy, and you had to squawk about it . He's probably feeling a little insecure that he won't be able to carry any child to term now.... so don't you think he has a right to be a little cranky now and again?

Well, now that I think of it... if Buzz ever shows us a cranky side, I think I will be the first to say, "Buzz... your hysterectomy is acting up.... calm down!!" ROTFLMAO!!! :D

Glad to hear your drug fog cleared a little... but not sure zapping yourself with 220 volts was really one of your more brighter moves . But look at the bright side... you have all your insides intact... no hysterectomy for you!!! :D

(who's trying to think how we can make money off of Kerry's News of Buzz's hysterectomy) :)

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what kerry has found is a potential new electrical therapy we can do from home for free.

we are all into alternative's but i did not know he was a real pioneer.

he even said it straightened out his brain cells.

now that sort of result is nothing short of a miracle.

Buzz's hysterectomy is a red herring in comparisson.

I am glad the serious side of the forum is back, it was missed.


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I would LOVE to know her status now.


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220 v and Dilantin....That sounds like Red Neck Nanoknife to me without the electrodes...C'mon Kerry, give your body a break and take a day off......LMAO...

and BTW after my hysterectomy, Im feeling quite well thank you, yeah a little cranky but its that time of the month, but Im not suppose to be having a "That time of the month" am I ?
I think I'll just go to bed now.......Night Girls..............u2 Kerry....LOL

1 more thing....Kerry..can you spell...d-i-s-c-o-n-n-e-c-t ...that may save ya from the shocking news that you ain't got no water and may save ya a brain cell or two.....Love ya bud, keep up the good work.....lol...nite

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Just take a couple of Midol Clift, it work's wonders for the cramps for that time of the month.
Nightie night.
Winter Marie

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Nana b
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We have to find her!!!!!

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You found her what is the rest of the story.

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but...I will go back and follow her story until I can't anymore to see where and when she left here or try to find what eventually went on with her.....my point was that she did go for a long time uneventful in that era, that is what was amazing to me...I will run the rest of the story down............I will post it up in here as I find things out about her........Love and Hope for us all............Buzz

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Kerry S
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I did take the day off. The scary old woman made me call the well guys saying a man has got to know his limitations.

So two guys come 20 miles in ice and snow with one big *** well truck. They say it’s the pressure switch and replace it, let there be water and there was water. When I asked for the bill they say they will mail it to us. That is the first clue its going to be big.

Hey do you remember that TV ad where they hold up an egg and say “this is your brain - this is your brain on drugs” as they drop it into a fry pan. Well that is that damned Dilantin and steroids crap.


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Most of the time the pressure switch will do 2 things....freeze up and quit or close in and burn up.....If it closes in and burns up then yep ya gotta change it out, but if it freezes up a hair dryer on high will thaw it out in about 2 minutes and viola, your back in the water business...but now when Dilantin,steroids, and 220 are involved, well...its better to move to the safer side .....
But I know you knew this....the fog is most likely thick and thinking goes a little awry when its like that...been there, still doin that......Buzz (the well consult guy)...lol

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