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I am not a long term survivor, but someone on the Colonrectal Cancer Board suggested I post my survey on this site. I am Stage 4 and NED for 25 months. I am interested in finding out what Stage 4 survivors did to prevent reocurrance. Below is a list of questions with what I am doing.
NED- 25 monthe
Exercise- 3 hrs/day
Diet- Mediterrain, no red meat, green tea, tumeric, lots of fruit and veggies
Supplements- asprin, fish oil, reviratrol, Co-Q-10, multi-vitamin, vitamin D
Other- visulize my anti-bodies attacking cancer cells
If you could take a few minutes to repond I would appreciate it. Also congrats on being a long term survivor, I can only hope to join your ranks someday.

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Mine was not stage 4 but my lifestyle is just similar to yours:

Age – 62
NED – 6 years
Diet –mostly vegetable with pasta or legume, occasionally with fish (10%), poultry (5%), or red meat (1%)
Exercise – 4 miles brisk walk daily
Supplements – coffee, chocolate, cinnamon, vitamin B, a glass of red wine daily
Other - control blood sugar for diabetes


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I just peaked in and just have to respond. I'm not a long-term survivor, NED for 1-1/2 yrs. My question to you ---what type exercise do you partake of for 3 hrs/day? I'm a 45-50 min per day.

Will tell you I'm so very similar to all your responses. Do you follow a certain person's techniques for visualization? I visualize any cancer cells moving out of my body, thru the limbs with each breath I take during my heavy workouts.

Best of luck to you and I'm sure we'll both be members of the Long Term Survivors club some day.


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The exercise program I follow is:
Every morning- 1 hr walk with my dog followed by 1/2 hr yoga
MWF- 1 hr weightlifting followed by 1/2 hr walk with my dog
TThS- 1 hr run with my dog
I am retired so I have plenty of time to exercise. My doctor told me that exercise is the best thing I can do to prevent reocurance. I saw a picture once in a book of a cancer cell being attacked by anti-bodies. This is what I visualize. I can't say I am much of a believer in this, but I figure it can't hurt. I believe in taking a shutgun approach to preventing reocurance. I do everything reasonable to prevent reocurance even though I know the odds are against me. I see it as my primary job. Hopefully in 3 more years I can consider myself "cured" although I do not plan on stopping what I am doing. I hope you have success with your program.I am always looking to add new things to my progtram so if you come across anything let me know. Thanks and good luck to you.

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When I was reading your first post and mentioned 3 hrs of exercise, thought you were a younger person...but yes retirement does give us more time.....great!!!

You must also have a very fit dog.

I can tell you my idol is Lance Armstrong...do you ever go to his livestrong.com website for ideas? Think about it this man was fighting cancer in 3 areas of his body and was zapped big time with his intense treatments. Today he's still out there in his late 30's (??? guess) beating the pants off the young guys on the trails. I feel very strongly about exercise. I used to be a big runner and now can't do it after my pelvic radiation...did something to my lower back, so have to stick with more lower-intensity type exercise.

Do you have interest in some research on vitamin D? I've got some information I can send your way that has been conducted by a few docs -- some research started 30 yrs ago, so this is fairly impressive. I'm huge on vitamins, but know after hearing from my nutritionist, get most of our vitamins from foods.

Did you mention you're taking Resveratrol? Great one as I do take this as well. If someone could eat pounds of grapes a day, this one we could rely on the food alone.

Suggest TWO good books -- Call them my Bibles ---
. Anti-Cancer, A new way of life, David Servan-Schreiber,MD
. Foods to Fight Cancer, Richard Beliveau, PhD

Best to you and keep plugging along...know we're all in the fight for our life, so do all we can to WIN~~

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I bet you miss running. I have been a runner for over 40 yrs and when I had to quit due to surgery and when my chemo got bad I missed it alot. I do take resveratrol. I was watching 60 Minutes and they did a story about reseratrol and how they were looking at it as a treatment for colon cancer. I was also watching the news one night and they mentioned how asprin reduced deaths amoung people with colon cancer so I started taking it. Most of my program I got from the "Anti-Cancer" book you mentioned. I haven't read "Foods to Fight Cancer" but I plan on checking it out. Thanks for the tip.

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Funny you should talk about missing running....I just mentioned this to my husband today after our lunch out. He was a big runner and weight lifter as well, but had knee injuries while in his 20's and ended up with a hip and knee replacement in early 50's Now 6 years later he's doing great but had to give up running and now is a big bike rider. His intensity level is as good with biking as running. Today he suggested I get on the bike and hit the trails with he and his buddies.

Another suggestion -- Dr Oz. If you watch his show great, if not, get his clips online. He speaks very highly of resveratrol. Someone asked him if he was stranded on an island, what would be the one thing he'd be sure to pack -- RESVERATROL!!!

What type of cancer for you? Aspirin? Hum...not heard that for my type cancer, uterine. With so much out there, we have to pick and choose what we'll ingest in our bodies.

Thanks for exchanging ideas...

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Morning Randy,

In addition to our regular Onc we have been going to Dr. Abrams at UCSF (head of Intregrative Oncology). Very bright and personable guy. Well respected in field and has authored books on the subject.

My wife has Stage IV Colon Cancer. For what it's worth here's the short list of Dr. Abrams suggestions:

Get slim.
Workout enough to raise a sweat.
Diet of mostly veg/fruits (organic where possible- more phytonutrients).
Mushroom, garlic, green tea, tumeric, fish-oil supplements.
Vitamin D if low after testing.

All the best,


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I was just astonished reading all your posts on this subject - you are all doing such amazing things to improve your condition, hats off to you all. Maybe today they are stressing all of this more than when I was treated over 20 years ago for NHL but even if they did say excercise and eat better I didn't. Of course every situation is different and I did have alot of after effects even at the beginning but still I am sure there were things I could have done to help myself more back then.

Eating better is a big thing for sure and unfortunately I am a stress eating and eat when I am happy, sad, sick or not, so that's an uphill battle but I continually try to eat the right things even though I very often go offtrack. I guess trying is all we can do.

My excercising is limited by late effects of treatment with arthritis from the radiation I had, fibromyalgia and low back disc degeneration, fatigue blah blah blah but still I think there are things I could do even with all of that but after 20 plus years of dealing with it all most days, just too tired. Still I am trying.

Heart problems, from chemo drugs, were bad for a long time but I have gotten a little better in the last year and so I asked my cardiologist to set me up at the Heart Institute with assessments and a program so he has done that, they have a full state of the arts gym there I can use anytime I like for nothing so hard not to take advantage of that, that is if I feel well enough to get out of the apt.

Anywho you all inspire me, thanks and keep up the good work.


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