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Follow up for Stage 1 IDC

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Double Whammy
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I'm confused. I recognize that follow-up is different for different types and grades of breast cancer, but I have no idea what what is typical for my early stage bc. I've finished chemo and radiation. I'm IDC Stage 1, Grade 2, ER/PR+, HER-2 -, oncotype 31. Now what?

I last saw my medical oncologist 6 weeks after radiation was completed. She started me on Arimidex. I see her again tomorrow (a little over 6 weeks after last visit) to see how I'm doing on it and to get started on a biphosphonate. I have no idea what other follow up to expect or ask her about. She has never mentioned scans (nor have I ever had any except prior to radiation), tumor markers, or anything other than she's going to keep an eye on my liver and other organs and that she's going to be following me.

I know my breast surgeon is in charge of exams and mammograms and for some reason the radiation oncologist wants to also see me every 4 months.

I'm not looking for unnecessary tests or exams, but because I also had endometrial cancer at the same time, I keep thinking that I don't necessarily fall into the same mold as someone who had only one primary cancer. They seem to have divvied me up with breast people in charge of my breast and gyn oncologist in charge of my you know what. They do know what each other is doing to me, tho.

What follow up are you other early stage BC women having?


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What I was told was that the biggest risk for recurrence is in the first 2 years. During that time, I saw my oncologist every quarter, my surgeon and my radiologist once per year. I also saw my primary for my annual physical. I started on Arimidex as soon as radiation was done. Had a mammo on my right breast (bc one) because I had a lumpectomy 6 months after radiation, both breasts 6 months later and now I'm back to annual mammos. I've had no other scans since my diagnosis. At that time I had a bone scan, cat scan, MRI and a bone density. Blood work is done at my oncologist visits. That's it. Hope this info helps.


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ER/PR+, Her2-, Oncotype 20. Had a lumpectomy on 10/04/09, followed by chemo and radiation. My last radiation was on 04/28/10.

I have not had any follow-up visits with my surgeon other than the 6 week or so post-op visit. I have been scheduled for follow-ups with both my rads oncologist and my medical oncologist. My rads oncologist said that I didn't necessarily need to follow up with both of them (especially since they're all in the same cancer center and have a computerized system that allows them to access the information. I will probably just follow up with my medical oncologist going forward. Right now I'm scheduled for every 3 months, and had my first post-op mammo a couple of months ago. I'm not sure exactly what the time frame will be, but we did discuss the fact that my visits would be moved to every 6 months and eventually annual.

I'm pretty comfortable with that schedule, but I may get anxious as I get fewer follow ups. Just want to make sure that anything that might try to creep back in will be discovered quickly.

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I was stage 1 IDC too ER/PR+ HER 2- I had my lump. in March 10, did chemo then rads. Last rad. was in Sept. My med. Onc. has me set up for the first mammo since right before surgery in March. I have not had any other scans of any kind since before surgery. He does not do the PET. I am on Tamoxifen and see him and have labs done every 3 months for now. I have wondered what it will be after the March visit too. God Bless
(((Hugs))) Janice
I have not seen my surgeon since 2 week follow up. The only Onc I see is my med. one

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I was stage 2 ER/PR + . I havn't had any scans since initial Dx either. They do blood work every visit which I think would show any irregularities, and a mammo every 6 months for now.

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Double Whammy
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Sounds lik we're all doing essentially the same type of follow-up.

BTW, I tried to change my picture (to the dandelion one) 2 days ago and it just wouldn't work. I gave up. Old picture was there this morning. Now the dandelion picture is there. What took so long?


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