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Crazy weather

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Good Morning,

I dont know about all of you but we are getting a horrible winter storm. My husband just started chemo yesterday, we haven't lost our power yet, but we are level 3 snow emergency,alot our friends have. If we do what should I do the roads are bad my car is completely iced of , if I wrap him head to toe in blankets will that be enough??
Hopefuly we will be good. What is the weather in your nieghborhood?

Crazy Weather

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Where are you?? How cold is it? I would try to turn the heat up before you lose power if possible and get all the blankets and quilts around that you have. If you lose power, try to stay in bed under the covers as much as possible.

We were without power for a week in January one time and staying in bed was the best option.

Do you have a sleeping bag? That would be a great idea for your husband.

Luckily for me this big storm is not hitting us, We have rain and it is above freezing. I am in Virginia.

How is your husband feeling?? What a bad time to get this weather!

Do you have any other heat source such as a kerosene heater or fireplace? I have both, but don't know how to use them...I guess I should learn!

Hoping for the best for you and your family.

Take Care,


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We live in Ohio in the very country. Yeah it is crazy here. Still good with electric, the

heat is up all the windows and doors covered an lots of blankets ready. Keep your fingers

crossed. We lived in Virgina for a while and it can get dicy there too.

My husband is doing well so far, again fingers crossed.

This weather is so crazy!! When my husband gets better he is going to take me somewhere warm I hate winter hehe.

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Here in Michigan they were calling for at least a foot last night. Didn't happen. We only got about 6 - 7 inches in most places. The wind last night was pretty bad and about 3 in the morning there was actually lightening. George said we may have gotten a little freezing rain but I just see snow. My daughter lives in Chicago and they really got hammered. They called a blizzard warning but that has been lifted here in Michigan and the snow today will only add an inch or 2.

Stay warm - Tina

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up here we are buried....and blowing like mad....very difficult to see the houses across the street. The plows will be on the major streets so not many people will be moving.....kick back and enjoy a good old SNOW day


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Crazy weather down under,

We jsut have had the worst floods.

Now we have a massive cyclone.

Sydney where I live is having a serious heat wave.

The kids cannot sleep.


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Ok things dont seem so bad here.
I wish you the best fo luck.
I hate bad weather,I just want vacation style weather hehe!
Have a safe one and take care of those kids

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I love taking care of my kids.
they always keep me focused.

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USA, and Canada,by TV.but... here very calm just a normal chilly winter 8 degrees and sun!
Come to Spain Mates!

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Here in Kansas City the blizzard hit hard on Tuesday. It's been called Snownami, Snowmageddon, Snowpocalypse, and the Blizzard of Oz. We got about 15" of snow with unbelievable drifts. It's supposed to go down to 12 below with a wind chill of about 20 below by morning. My husband got out the snowblower Wednesday morning and did our driveway and five others. I am staying inside keeping warm. I hate the snow and cold as much as I hate cancer.

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I'm just hoping you all stay nice and warm and safe, if I could send you our warm weather and sunshine, I surely would!!!
May your electricity stay on!!!!
Winter Marie

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