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Listing of Christian Themed Cancer Sites

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For those who are seeking help with cancer that have a Christian theme.


This post is not suggesting that anyone leave this site at all.
It is just a listing of Christin Themed Cancer support groups which some seem to be seeking.

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Thanks Phil that was a bit of leg work on your part. I am sure there are those who will be interested in seeking out a few of those sites as well as gracing us with their presence on CSN as well.


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I'm confused. I thought this stie was where people who were being too religious on the other site were banished to. But the rapport here seems to be the same - disagreeing with each other. Maybe I'm over simplifying this but why can't those that are offended by the religion comments on the other site just not visit this site? People have a write to express themselves. If the rules say they can't do it in the other sites, then isn't this why this particular one exists?

Maybe some people just can't let go.

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It's pretty simple. What is most often discussed her are questions that may have a religious or even spiritual theme and are often asking for input from other members. The site is not for any type of preaching and neither is it for confrontational arguments. The specific cancer forums are not for that purpose and neither is this forum.

You write: "Maybe I'm over simplifying this but why can't those that are offended by the religion comments on the other site just not visit this site?".
Similarly, why can't people who only want to preach or prothlesize go to sites that welcome that and not to ones that specifically request from people refraining from that?

There are plenty of Christian Themed sites as noted that would LOVE to hear what some have to offer. It seems the majority of people, Christian and even the other faiths, do not wish to be preached at and that is most likely why that kind of behavior is not allowed.

Maybe some people can't help themselves too...
I hope that clears things up a bit Liz.
Be well,

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I can understand your confusion, liz. Your impression, apparently, is that people were coaxed (at least) to bring their religious discussion to this board rather than continuing it in the Colon board.

What happened is that others of us, me a head/neck and lung cancer survivor, Re a breast cancer survivor, to name but two, also found interest in the site.

So it became not just a board for christian colon soldiers, but for cancer survivors and caregivers of all isms to explore and discuss their experiences and beliefs.

Personally, I do not see a lot of hostility in this board. There is, I agree, occasional friction, but we seem to work it out for the most part and if we do not accept one another's versions of reality, we at least come to accept the integrity of the people we are talking to.

If you believe and I do not, as far as I am concerned, that is my loss, not yours. In any event there is no reason for you to be upset by my beliefs, nor me by yours.

Debate and discussion are important parts of civilization, vital to the evolution of our species and our very selves, frankly.

If you find such a notion intolerable, maybe it is you that just can't let go.

Take care,


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Hi! I'm new here but I thought I'd add another one... it's not cancer-specific but I thought it might be nice to add in case anyone wanted it. It's a church that streams its sunday services online for those who cannot physically attend. 




Blessings to you all. xoxoxo


- HD

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3 are not active, several are on how to start groups, one is attend our meeting in Alabama and one seems to be selling stuff.  

I have never found a FORUM for Christians with cancer and I also thought this part of the board was created for those who were spiritual could come and not be bashed.  I watched it for a few weeks, way back when, and decided I didn't need the negative here or there.  I stopped posting at all for a long time.  

NOW there are a lot of Christians on the forum mentioned earlier and they seem to be in the majority.  It comes and goes with good health or deaths.  Several of my friends from years ago no longer come to CSN but are healthy and posting elsewhere with no problems. 



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Just glad you are still here and that you are posting. I am not sure where all the Atheist went but none have posted in a long time. I do my best to love and talk to everyone and respect their religion even if it is the religion of believing in nothing. It is hard for me to understand how someone can believe in nothing. I watched my children being born into this world and to see the miracle of life tell me there is a God.

All the best



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seen the birth of my beutifull daughter who happens to have down syndrome and realised there may actually be a god she,s great then watched the love of my life fight primary cns and loose her to a blood clot right at the end of a corageous fight that she was winning and realised if there is a god then there is also a devil and he reared his ugly head then.if there is agod and iget to go up there ive got a lot of questions for him or her and i,ll expect bloody good answers 

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A lot of us have the same question for God, why bad things happen to good people. This much I do know, he sent his Son and we killed him, but his mission was to let us know that God is there and he does love us. Through His Son he made a way for us to live again in the life he first planned for us before Satan messed things up. On that day He will answer all of our questions and we will better understand why.



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Here is another website for cancer-stricken Christians seeking support from their community: http://www.gracecentered.com/christian_forums/christian-cancer-support/

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Very nice site. Thanks for sharing.




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we have 228 members.  you must be a woman to join.  I am a 5 year uterine cancer survivor

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