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Need some experience info

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Kerry S
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Hello, I am from the colorectal board. I have a brain tumor that is large and in the middle area of my brain. The docs are mixed as to if it is cancer or begin. It is pushing against my brain stem and causing me vision problems big time. You can see a MRI image of it on my expressions page. It has to come out.

Has anyone here had one this big and hade it removed surgically? If so, what can I expect afterwards? It is planed for the 10th.

the weather here is a mess now I don't know when they are going to do the surgery.


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and I'm glad I did. I might have missed it but did you mention in the colon board that you were having this op on the 10th. I don't know Kerry you look after us all in there. Anyway to all who read this on here, Kerry is a lovely guy and I hope you can advise him.

Sonia (going back to the colon board)

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Kerry S
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I am a bit of a nut!!

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I have read a couple of stories about people having brain-stem tumors on brain cancer survivors' stories sites and they have been treated with radiation, I even emailed someone there who had an who said that she had inoperable brain stem tumor when she was just 11 years old and now she's 30+ years old

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hey Kerry i am not an expert on all the medical terms but i had lung cancer after radiation and chemo about 8 mos later i had a terrible head ache went to hosp they told me i had 2 lesions on my brain.That was a wednesday they did conventional surgery on Friday they said i would be in icu for a couple days and brought out of anesthesia very slowly then put in regular room for a few days.They cut a 7" gash in the back of my head and removed lesion and I went home Sunday morning to their surprise. I was very lucky but sometimes its not as bad as they say.I went back a week later for gamma knife surgery which also went well. I hope you see this in time and i wish you the best of luck.

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