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My husband had a biopsy on his right kidney and they found a small renal carsonoma. The Dr said it was slow growing(whatever that means). He was having Esophogeal Cancer Surgery in Dec so did not want to address the kidney at that time. We see the Urologist on Feb 7th.
Don't know what to expect.

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If it was small and slow growing, then that is good and they will focus on the other cancer first. Renal cell cancer tends to grow at a rate of about 1cm per year. If it is small, then it can most likely be dealt with laproscopically without full open surgery. MUCH less pain and invasion than open...

Since it is small, that is a good sign.

Good luck!!!

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First, let me say how sorry I am that you and your husband find yourselves on such a rocky road! But I'm also glad that they discovered the kidney cancer! As you know (or will learn), kidney cancer is often found by sheer luck - generally found when they're looking for something else. Finding it early (and small in size) is critical. Make sure your urologist is well-versed in RCC and ask questions. Good luck to you both and keep this board updated, please. Many of us come back periodically to see how others are doing.

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