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Kristilynn and everyone--how long does neck feel uncomfortable after needle biopsy test

hopeful girl 1
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My necks still feels uncomfortable from needle biopsy.

How long does discomfort last. I have been taking tylenol. It's not terrible, but sometimes it will start to feel alittle more bothersome then at other times.

When I woke up and got up today it seemed more bothered.

Thank you for your feedback.

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Did you have a biopsy on lymph nodes or thyroid nodules? When I had a biopsy on my nodules I was soar for a few days . When I had a biopsy on my lymph nodes I was fine after 24 hours. Hope you are recovering well :)

hopeful girl 1
Posts: 454
Joined: May 2010

The biopsy was on thryoid nodule, not lymph nodes.

Still feels alittle wierd but looks ok, and tylenol seems to help.

Thank you for well wishes.

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I think I felt better in a day or two. Hope your feeling better soon.


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My neck was uncomfortable for 4 days after my FNA. My nodule was large though and I was stuck 6 times. I hope you are feeling better!

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The biopsy itself hurt a bit, and I hate needles so I didn't watch or count how many times I was stuck with the needle. I was slightly bruised after and mostly uncomfortable when I would swallow for close to a week. My enjoyment of coffee was hindered for a bit.

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Hi Everyone,

I am sorry to hear that any of you had such painful experiences with the biopsies. I didn't have any discomfort from them. I have had them on the thyroid nodule (first one) and on several lymph nodes. I also had a breast biopsy many years ago which was probably the most uncomfortable in comparison. None of which was anything substantial with pain however. They didn't use a numbing agent. I just held really still and did not swallow, move or talk. Maybe because the didn't numb I could tell when the needle went in so I knew when to be still etc. I don't remember anyone telling me to do those things but I think maybe I just knew because of my medical background. Medical professionals should be instructing patients on what to expect and what to do before the procedure begins. Some people are also more sensitive to pain than others. This could be a result of a disease called Fibromyalgia.

Best wishes to everyone,

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