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Hello Everyone

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Hey there guys I really have nothing to say as far as the cancer as I won't know until my scan on the 1st. Tonight my wife, daughter and I had a tea party and danced to some nice music. I danced with my little girl to the song It won't be like this for long by Darius Rucker and it was great. As I was dancing with her I kept imagining what she was going to look like and act like as she grew up. What it was going to feel like on the day she gets married when I walk her down the aisle and yes dance with my little angel. Although she is only 4 years old and that dance is many, many years away I have great strength in my soul because I know I will be there on that day dressed to impress, LOL.....

God has been so wonderful to me and I give him all the praise in the world. I know that last year was really hard on my but this year I start to live my life again. When the scan comes back and shows the cancer gone on the 1st I will plan on going back to work within two or three weeks from then. Once I feel like I have the strength to start climbing telephone poles again I am going to be back fixing telephone and dsl lines as quickly as possible. Who would have thought I could miss work this much. Funny though when I talk to the guys at work and hear them complain about the dumbest things I just want to laugh at them and say are you serious? Try walking a day in my shoes... I would trade this cancer for any new tough policy the company throws at us...come on guys just be happy we all have jobs....

I hope and pray that everyone had a wonderful holiday season I know my was nice. I want to say thank you to everyone who sent me a Christmas card and I hope you all got yours as well. May we all have a wonderful 2011 and may they find a cure to all cancers soon so that nobody else has to join this support group but for those of us already here supporting one another it's great to know all of you.

Bobby in Dallas

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Hey, Bobby.

Reading this made me think of that song by Stephen Curtis Chapman, "Cinderella." I can just picture you dancing with your beautiful little daughter.

Praying you have the most wonderful time dancing at your daughter's wedding.


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I wish you the best results from the scan. You will dance at your daughters wedding. God is Great! God Bless

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You will be with your daughter on her wedding day. This brought tears to my eyes since I have those thoughts at times....Hang in there. Petrina

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