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I have a sister in law that is going in for surgery to have her uterus removed.
They did a biopsy and said it was cancer.
She is 81 years old .
I had a lung removed in 2006 but before they did the surgery they did ct scan an a Pet scan.
Have any of you had this surgery and if so did they do it with out pet scan???
She had a CT scan but no pet I am scared.

hopeful girl 1
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I had an endometrial biopsy, a ct, an ultrasound, and a pet scan before surgery.

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Posts: 132
Joined: Dec 2006

Thank you for your reply.
It means a lot to me.
Bless ya.

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I had the endometrial biopsy before the hysterectomy, but did not have any other tests before I had the robotic surgery. They really thought the hysterectomy would remove all the cancer, but it had spread to the lymph nodes.

I hope you sister in law does well with her surgery. In peace and caring.

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Posts: 132
Joined: Dec 2006

Thank you for takeing the time and careing.
I hope she does well .
I read the post to her Bless you

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Greg, I am sorry to hear about your sister-in-law and hope the surgery goes well and that the cancer is contained within the uterus.

I did not have a CT or a PET right before my surgery.

I know all of this is frightening and don't hesitate to ask any questions yu have. Your sister-in-law can always get a second opinion if that would make her more comfortable. I find that each physician has their own "routine" it seems.

Wishing the best to all of you!


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Joined: Dec 2006

Hi Karen.
I think she should have seen someone else about a year ago.
But she is on spunky 82 year old.
I guess she will know Next wednesday.
Bless you and thank you .

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Double Whammy
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I, too, had "only" ultrasound and endometrial biopsy prior to surgery. I don't know what the thinking is about who needs scans and who doesn't. I also did not have a C125 blood test and never have. My endo cancer is Stage 1b, Grade 1, but they didn't know that until after surgery, so I have no idea why I didn't have scans, etc. while others did.

Best wishes for your sister in law Wednesday. Please let us know how she does.


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I had blood work up, chest x-ray, ekg, internal ultrasound, d & c w/hysterscope, no endometrial biopsy, no pet scan, did have cat scan before my radical hysterectomy on 1/12/11. Each doctor orders tests based on individual patients needs & what doc has used diagnosticaly on past patients.
Please have your sis-in-law ask questions. I understand your fears for your
loved one, that is normal. I'm sorry she & her loving family members have to go through this but you all are not alone. Keep coming back here & ask the doc questions. If she uses internet, encourage her to come here also. Good luck & God bless.

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