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Same boat at DoRookie

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When it rains I guess it pours. I just got a call at 6 am this morning, my 30 year old daughter in Ohio was quite distraught. She had went in for her pap smear and they called her this morning requesting that she do a follow up at Miami Hospital immediately, that they would be arranging it for her.
They requested she stop by the clinic first thing this morning.
When she got there, they told her the reason the wanted her to stop in was so that they could stress the importance that she follow up this pap smear. That it was abnormal, so abnormal, that they were not even going to do a second pap smear, that they believed a biopsy was needed, and were arranging for that biopsy at Miami, they also told her there was 5 levels of cervical cancer, and she was showing up as a level 4. Anyone know about these level things with cervical cancer?
Please every positive vibe, prayer sent her way for me, my sweet Maria.
Winter Marie

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Obviously, I'm not versed in Cervical Cancer but I thought I'd add something to your post. You mentioned the word clinic and that immediately caught my attention. I'd take some of the "clinic" things with a grain of salt. Reason being, about 12 years ago my wife was at a Planned Parenthood Clinic for a checkup and they told her she had herpes! It was nothing more than an ingrown hair!!! Point being, I wouldn't get yourself all worked up until you have all of the facts.

In any case, wish you all the best!


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Teaching hospital, sorry, just like at Stanford, when I go to see my cancer surgeon's, I go to the Clinics, as the cancer specialist are in Clinic A through F.

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I want to send all good thoughts your daughter + for good results from further testing.

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Oh my, I'm sending lots of prayers your way for good results... So sorry that you and your daughter have to go through more stress. God bless you and your family, Cynthia

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Oh Marie,
So sorry that both you and Maria have to go through this stress. I had an abnormal pap at age 33 and they did a biopsy. Everything turned out fine.

Praying for the best outcome


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Good vibes and prayers are on the way to Maria. - Hugs, Lucy

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Praying that the biopsy will show that there is nothing there to be concerned about.

Cyber hugs to you both.

The other Marie

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I am so sorry and will keep her in $y prayers!

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Winter Marie,

Wow you are really being tested these days. I will be praying for it to be a false alarm.


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and hoping you get some good news.

all the best, Leslie

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Oh, dear. I know this hurts you and worries you more than anything that could happen to you. I'll be praying for both of you!


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Sending prayers her way that things turn out good for her and she can get this taken care of soon.


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Hi Marie,

I will be praying all will turn out alright for your daughter. Hugs to you- I know it must be very hard to be worrying and be far away.


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Thankfully, I'm headed back tomorrow to Ohio, unfortunately for my husband's mother's funeral on Monday. At least I can be there for my daughter, even though it's due to unfortunate circumstances.
Winter Marie

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I feel your pain, the waiting sucks as we all know. We are supposed to find out today if a biopsy is needed. I will be praying for your daughter right along with mine. Be safe on your trip.


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tina dasilva
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Send prayers and hugs right now keep strong hun.Tina

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