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What supplements are suggested?

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Also, any advice on a diet my husband should follow? i know red meat, sugar, is bad.. Any advice please?
I think i have posted 3 questions tonight! Been just asking away........

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Just make sure that anything regarding herbs, supplements, vitamins are discussed with the oncologist. There are certain things that will counteract with the chemo and make the chemo not work efficiently, even things like herbal tea. Asking questions is always good as you can get different opinions and peoples experience.


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"any advice on a diet my husband should follow? i know red meat, sugar, is bad.. "

We are carnivorous animals and require meat as well as veggies
and fruit. Keeping a well-rounded diet is 100% better than
eliminating foods because someone tells you it's a good thing to do.

And secondly, why eliminate sugar? Because the industry has
proclaimed sugar to be bad, and their additives to substitute sugar good?

Seriously, sugar is not a killer. And please...... do not eliminate
glucose/sugar from the diet. Your body needs glucose, and cancer
cells steal it away from good cells. Eliminating glucose will starve
good cells long before a cancer cell knows you're eliminating glucose.

Eat a well rounded diet and enjoy life. The cancer is there because
the immune system did not remove it as it normally does when
you have a normally working immune system. Anything can cause
a good cell to become damaged and not be able to receive instructions
from the body on how to grow. When the immune system allows
it to stay, it continues to grow on it's own using the fermentation
process. That process uses glucose at a high rate.

So forget trying to "starve" cancer cells, and keep to a diet that
keeps you as healthy as possible. Meat, veggies and fruit.....

And an occasional Twinkie won't matter....

Good thoughts.


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Every book I have read on how to 'beat cancer' recommends no processed sugar. I believe that an overload of sugar can't be good for you and still try to do natural sweeteners such as honey. My husband had a CEA of 9 in August after a 6 week break. It scared us so we started a 2 month diet of no sugar or processed flour from Sept 17 to November. Here is the weird data:
Aug. CEA 9
Sep CEA 3.9 Scan from Sept. Showed tumors had minimal growth (we expected due to his 6 week break)
Dec. 3 CEA 7.9 But his Dec. scan also showed the tumors shrinking again.
January 3 CEA 7.2
He had only one chemo treatment on December 3rd for the month of December.
Was it the chemo that brougt the CEA .7 down?
Was it the herbs?
Was it numbers just fluxuating?
It probably wasn't the diet because from Sept. to December because his numbers grew. Plus he ended up in the hospital from low WBC. Now I just have him eat what he wants, but no junk. Protien is important for the immune system.

Our goal now: continue with the herbs & chemo. Eat whole foods & minimal sugar. And celebrate the fact that while he took a 4 week break his CEA actually dropped .7 (that has never happened before)

By the way a fact about red meat: CLA conjugated linoleic acid improves cellular communication to prevent and reverse cancer, it is an antioxidant and immune regulator
It is found in milk and meat of ruminants (cows sheep deer and buffalo)

Before I knew this I limited my husband's red meat. Now I don't know what is healthy. I guess a well balanced diet.
good luck

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Thank you everyone for your suggestions & experiences. They are very helpful!
WE are still learning so much & are trying to do the best for him to keep him healthy.

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I found the book "Anticancer: A New Way of Life" to be very interesting; it includes some good ideas about diet, and is not too preachy.

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Many people think that using an "alternative" means you quit going
to the usual physicians and getting check-ups and tests. That's not
the way it works!

You -have to- continue the tests and checkups, but you can also
continue the same meds if you really desire to; the "alternatives"
can be used as an additional boost to supplement standard therapies.

Never feel you have to make a major choice: "one or the other";
the options are nearly endless, and the choices are as varied as
the people making them.

The idea is to beat this problem whatever way we can.

Stay well!


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I second Kim's suggestion of asking your oncologist.


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