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Rare Opportunity to meet a Fellow CSN member

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As much as we are a family here, most of us have never met face to face. We may live close or far apart and the opportunity is just not there.
But I am going to meet Sonia face to face! We live a continent away but will have the chance to meet up in London in about a month. I could not be happier about this. I cannot wait to give her a real hug, instead of a virtual one. And if she is all right with it, I will post a pic of the American Csn member and the British one together here!

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Definitely looking forward to hearing how your meeting goes! Post lots of pics! :)

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oh Kathy that is so great.....

what excitement....mary is right....be sure to post a pic or two


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I have had the opportunity to meet several of our CSN members and you are right...it is amazing!!!! To be with another person who truly can relate to what is going on in your life is soooooo cool!!! You guys have a great time and definately take bunches of pics so we can see! Take care.


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...In The Netherlands!!!!

I could hop a flight to Heathrow, and join you both!!!

REALLY, REALLY!!! Let me know if you'd like some company!!!

Dutch hugs, Kathi

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Hug each other from me, please!

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I'm looking forward to seeing you, and maybe Kathi too? We could have our own mini CSN European camp, if only we could get Pepe round too?

Seriously will be great to see you, and to hug you in person yay! And I will be sending back hugs your way for all my csn family.


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Kathi M,
waiting for Sonia to agree on a date, but looking at possibly Feb 10th, a wednesday meeting in London in the late morning early afternoon, just found out I may be heading to Paris later that afternoon for a night! send me a PM with your contact info, email? facebook? if you would like!!

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I had the great pleasure of meeting Kathi, she truly is a gem, i hope she gets to meet up with you two. Maybe someday you two can join us at a CP reunion, we have them every year. Like Jennie said its amazing to get to meet people you have a connection with. I went for the first time this year and wont miss any more God willing. It is a blessing to be able to get together with people from the board, as we are really a special family here.



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i would like that alot, and I hope that this year's meet will be at a time I can attend!

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I hope you have a wonderful time and give Sonia a hug from me too!!

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Oh I will!! On both counts!

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Oh, now I'm just jealous all the way around. *grins* First of all, y'all will get to meet each other. Second of all, you're going to London and Paris. May I PLEASE come along and carry your luggage? *grins*

Have a wonderful time!


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Thank you, I am planning on having a great time. This was a reward to myself for everything I have been through, as well as part of living my life to the fullest, not wasting a minute and not putting things off until someday. As you all know, when you think you may never see someday again, it changes how you live the rest of your life!


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I so agree with you. Make everyday count in some way that we haven't seen before. Hug her for me too please?


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