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PSA13/Gleason6/61y.o. ...

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has the cancer spread? please advise on what to expect after the open surgery? thanks in advance, good people!

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I had gleason 3+3=6 and PSA 12.6. I am 48 and recovering from Open Radical Prostectomy performed 12/20/10. The surgery lasted about 2 hours. You will wake with catheter and a drain. The good news is I did not have alot of pain. The open surgery spreads the stomach muscles instead of cutting the muscle which will shorten the recovery time considerably. The next day you will out of bed for a walk and depending on how you a doing you may be able to go home the next evening. The drain will be removed once drainage is minimal or stopped. The Catheter will be left in place for 10 to 14 days. Yow will get used to it. Stay slightly elevated will laying down. A recliner works great for this.

I recieved the results from the pathology report in just over a week. My report confirmed 3+3 gleason with 100% orgin contained cancer with clear margins and my lymph nodes were free of cancer.

I believe you have made the right choice in having the Open Radical Prostectomy. My surgeon actually performed a combination of the open surgery combined with the robotic assisted surgery. He adapted the robotic arms to enter through the open incision. This procedure combined the pros of the open and the pros of the robotic surgery.

Good Luck and stay positive

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