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colon cancers

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Hi, my father is 89 and has been in very good health although he has a lot of medication that have helped. He has a history of heart problems but just yesterday was diagnosed witht colon cancer with masses in the abdomen and it has spread to his liver and lungs. Anyone have experience with this and know what might help him? He's being referred to a gastrointestinal person and has pretty much decided against radiation or chemo (said he'd lose the little hair he has). I thought there might be some medication that helps.


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My Mother had colon cancer but died about 22 years ago of it, back then the treatment was not as good as it is today. You might also want to try posting this on Colorectal Cancer, there you will find a lot of people all going through the same thing as your Dad.

Wishing you all the best and welcome to CSN

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Hello Angiemist,
I was Dx with coloncncer last year March 2011. I had operaton in april and I am cancer free at the moment, we call it NED ( No evidense of decease)
If you need some more infor please go to coloncancer discussion board. There are many who gladly help you with information they are very knowledable.
I hope to see you there,
hugs, Marjan

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I have a friend that for some years now has had bowel problems and after going for a colonic irrigation was diagnosed with cancer. And he is so scared, is undergoing treatment, and am trying to provide him with as much moral support as I can.

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Angiemist, I admire your father for his ongoing struggle and you for your obvious willingness to help. I am 80 and a long term survivor of a 20 pound kidney cancer that went metastatic with a three month death sentence back in 1993. I worked out a program to beat it with guided imagery and have shared stories with patients on my webpage for over 15 years.
A recent case came along in my home town involving a man 92 years of age. His had likewise metastacised and he was in hospice when he started his get well program last summer from a bedfast condition. His name is Rex Covert and his story should be of immediate and helpful interest to both you and your dad. The web address is www.cancerwarsmaarsjourney.com and his is on the Inspirational Stories page . Just click on his picture. He opened his story with a question; Who wants to live to be 93 and the answer is a man who is 92. I saw him in church last Sunday and he looked fit as a fiddle with no cancer - a long way from hospice.
It IS possible! You CAN defeat cancer!!

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