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kidney cancer diet

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As of Nov. 14th I now have one kidney and I'm wondering if anyone has advice on no-no foods or foods that are helpful. I'm 75 and in good health...I think! Ann

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ive been researching this very thing in preparation for my mother whom is having a partial nephrectomy on her only kidney on jan 10th... and the most recurring thing ive read is this
NO alcohol
NO smoking
NO high protien diets (atkins would be a major no no)
only lean meats preferably white meats such as turkey, chicken, pork, fish...
limit soda if not taking it out compleatly...
try to limit all overly processed foods as they have tons of stuff it them that force your kidney to work harder to filter out...
the more ALL NATURAL/ORGANIC foods you can get the better... basically anything you may have considered to be toxic before is even more toxic to a body with a partially functioning kidney or only one kidney... our kidneys do sooooo much that we dont even realize... they are one of the hardest working organs in the body which is why we cannot live without them... along with filtering toxic things from everything we take in our kidneys also produce urine... which is why when we are working with less kidney(s) than god designed us for it is imperitive that we filter everthing we take in... by puting things in our mouths that already need less filtering to begin with... the easier we can make it on our kidneys the better... the less work they have to do the better...

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I can't tell you how good it is to see someone with the same beliefs about nutrition I have. Rock on !

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Some research I have done also says to avoid taking drugs if you do not need themn i.e. especially advil, aleve etc. Trader Joe's sells cold cuts and bacon with no nitrates. They are actually quite good. Had a partial nephrectomy in October.

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her name is RIO
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@ Debsgirl: My baby just had her left kidney removed do to a growing Tumor which is called Wilm's Tumor. I'm pretty knowledgeable about what your saying. I try my best to stay Organic with my family. But any suggestions or advice on any new imformation or recent research pls do reply. new here and hope to make some friends that can help me with this whole new world that began for me about a week ago. Ttys....I hope.

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Gingerann: I agree with the others here & would just add that it is more important than ever to make sure you drink lots of water each day.

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