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Anyone want to help me with what to expect?

No need to go over the ostomy portion, but I am curious about the recovery time, pain levels, time to return to work etc.

Thanks in advance!

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be done laproscopically which cuts way down on recoup time because of being minimally invasive...but what and where are the resecting tissue involved and also what is being removed? I can let you know more...Post op chemo will be another factor if there is to be some done..Please if you don't mind fill me in on a few details and I will tell you all I can...Buzz

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I had about 12 inches of the colo-rectal removed. Is this similar to what you are having? If so, I can share my experience.


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From the anus back, probably about 6 inches, and will probably include the sphincter. It depends on what he needs for the ostomy I guess.

I understand it will be laproscopic.

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"and will probably include the sphincter"

You would want to insist the sphincter stays; it will provide you
with a much better quality of life afterward.

Go to the UOAA website and read/ask some questions.
There's a fella' from the UK (Terry), that's very informed and can give you some serious insight.

(UOAA sphincter - sample thread)

Best wishes,


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I had my resection in October and spent 5 days in the hospital. Even though you are going to want to get out of there, don't push them to get you out sooner than you should be as this is the time for you to begin getting a feel of what you're going to deal with for recovery like your pain, eating, ostomy care. Mine was laparoscopic also and that lower incision may look small compared to the big one, but don't let it fool you. There is a lot of pain involved. I took Vicodin the first week or two and then Tylenol and that made me comfortable enough. You'll get used to using your arms and thighs to help you get up at first instead of the tummy muscle. Getting up off the bed was the hardest. I couldn't do it by myself for the first week. I couldn't roll off, couldn't roll then sit, I had to have someone push or lift my back up, then when sitting I could slide off the bed. Getting in and out of the car was a little hard too. I got tired pretty easy. When you're up to it, start walking a little, even if it's only down the street a little way and back. It helped me feel stronger. And make sure you breath effectively, no shallow breathingif it's hurting. Don't want to end up with pneumonia after you get home. Oh, and if you feel a cough or sneeze, grab a pillow or anything handy to splint the incision site's. That way it doesn't feel like you're going to burst at your new seams.

Hope this help a little, Gail

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as it might help digestive system get going again somewhat quicker......Your docs will want you walking about ASAP, even tho getting up will be painful. You will also find drainage tubes sticking out of you when you awaken so don't pull at anything......Recovery time, degree of pain, etc varies by person. I spent 8 days in hosp due to problem caused when I got out of bed on my own and collapsed due to lack of strength. You should be given a plastic spirometer to blow into--use it often.... Best of results in your op and recovery.....For what its worth, 15 1/2 months since colostomy and I'm almost as I was.........steve

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resection so surgery and recovery was much harder than just a simple colostomy.

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I had an ultra low anter resection. the big cut from basically between the nipples down to
just above the important bit.

15 days no food. lost 12 kilograms during my stay.
lots of amazing green vomits, one all over wife.
horendous ng tubes
and the morphine gives wicked dreams.
getting the ng tube inserted while awake for a second time was soooo much fun. I hope it does not happen to you.

glad I had the op and my cancer is in a buck somewhere.

feel good now 3 months post op almost. picked up my 5 year old son tonight for the first time
as he was crying. Probably should not have, but also carried some water melons into the house for xmas. So I am pushing the envelope.
I hate the bag and leaks and diarrhea. ( not refering to my wife )

I did heaps of walking and breathing exercises and watch heaps of movies.

Just pray your surgery goes well and that you are spared serious side effects.
I have heard about seriously horrendous post problems that helped me cope with my minor issues with a smile between vomits.

goodluck Pete

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