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I know not to "read" too much

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into what docs say...(it can drive you nuts), HOWEVER, got a call from rad onc office about Robert's scan and the tumor that was cyberknifed has gotten smaller!! Yeah! But there is another "spot", she dosen't think it is anything to worry about, but let's "watch it". So if it is probably nothing, why mention it?? So now I'm thinking oh my...Robert's been off chemo since Nov 16th and s*it is starting to grow again...and here I go borrowing trouble. AGAIN. So I called his med onc office and let them know what rad onc found on scan and would he please look at it. We don't have an appt with him until Jan 16, but I didn't want to wait that long.

So am I over reacting to the "spot" that is probably nothing??? Should I just enjoy this time of a no chemo-sick husband and not worry about cancer setting up a new home in his chemical free body??? 'round and 'round I go!

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Insistence about, as my doc. says " you better call me if you need it rather than be anxious". Just have an soon answer and after that enjoy Robert,s chemo break!.Once say that , l wouldn't worry too much for the chemo break ,that's very common so probably a false alarm!.

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As patients we tend to over analyze everything and sometimes insist that there is something wrong. There was a couple times when I made my doctor do a flex scope because there was still blood in my stool after my reversal. He told me not to worry, but still wanted one. He was right it was due to the severe radiation damage, so that added another $2,000 to my bill. You just never know though. Glad you asked your other doctor. Never feel bad about questioning though.


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to worry yourself to death over something that won't do much at all in that short of time..enjoy your time together and forget about the disease in its entiriety for 2 weeks, then you can start worrying again if you have to.....but this road is a path of small victories and short although large celebrations. Take full advantage of everyone every chance you get, there is enough to do when your in the middle of the game without worrying about it from the sideline....enjoy the 2 of yours time feeling good, and spend the time wisely :)

Love to you both, Clift

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Can't they get the scan results to the medical oncologist before then, and can't he call you sooner than the 16th? I would at least ask about that.


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