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Iceman (or anyone else for that matter), please read Rad's comments on my other post titled "new here...and quite scared" and let me know what you think?

Here is my position on this, I have been to two urologists already, the first one said he thought the other one was more qualified for my case due to the size of my kidney tumor, I went to see him, asked all of the normal questions and decided to have my surgery instead of doing the "wait and see" approach, that was almost two months ago, and my life has been hell since, waiting, worrying if I am going to be daed in a year, if this pain in my throat means that my 13MM tumor has spread...ect....

I went to my shrink and my docs and told tham all of this, they told me to STAY OFF THE WEB MD AND FORUMS ECT...they said everyones situation is different...I didnt listen and I came on here anyway, you all are great...but now I see this post from RAD on my old post, basically telling me to doubt everything I have been told so far and that my tumors have a good chance to come back later (RAD I mean no offense to you if your reading this). How would he know that? and who am I to belive, HIM, or doctors.....I am very impressionable and scared in this time, I already doubt the whole scenarion at multiple times daily, I dont know who to trust except my wife...I was comfortable with my surgeon and felt he was professional and talented (I really dont care if he is a nice guy, I realize thay are not my freind, but I am also struggling to trust that they are here to help me, and maybe its not all just so they can cut me open and buy a new boat...I mean the masses are there inside me, what am I to do, just wait forever until the almighty savior doc comes along with all of his / her promises? No Doc has told me 100% about ANYTHING yet, they all admit that the % chances I am asking to hear are up to interpretation.

I dont knwo, I dont want to offend, but I felt like I was being "SOLD" on someones opinion on the post I am referring to..

I feel like a good cry right now, but I am at work, I dont know what the hell to think now, any input would be helpful...

Thanks guys & gals

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I read Rad's comments and he seemed to have a problem with his other Kidney functioning following his surgery. Even I was confused trying to track his concerns, As I told you earlier your diagnosis going into this is one hell of a small tumor. There is no reason that your doctors or you should expect anything other than an excellent result even if the Cancer is confirmed. If you read some of the other posts a large majority of the members of our club are going into this surgery with a lot more baggage (size of tumor and/or other complications) than you have and are doing fine. Please follow my earlier suggestions. The only thing that I can not promise you is that you will get thru the Surgery without pain. You deserve to know the truth even where the answers are not what you like; ie the surgery hurts afterwords. Read some of the lenghly comments under post surgery. I believe there are 92 of them.


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I think that some people have negative experiences in life and feel like its their duty to "warn" others of the possibility that it may happen to them. This does not mean in any way that it will happen to us.

It is no different than the fact that you could walk out of your house and get hit by a bus, have a dog attack you or have an airplane crash on you. The chance is always there, but it wouldnt stop you from walking out of your house would it? You could choke to death eating your breakfast or die from an infected papercut when opening your mail, but that wouldnt stop you from opening it. ( well, maybe the bills haha)

I am personally willing to take that chance, being educated on the facts , rather than to leave the cancer in me, or have them do a biopsy that my doctor explained "could" spread the cancerous cells or come back a false negative.

Life is uncertain in every aspect and it is sad and unfortunate that he had a bad experience. That being said, I am certain that I would rather take the chance with the surgery than take the chance with the cancer.

I have heard many more positive outcomes from kidney cancer survivors than negative, and feel hopeful and optimistic about the surgery.

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and p.s... iceman, you are a really great person=) very informative and sincere.

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Great comments, EarthMama, and very realistic. How are you feeling now, and what's on your surgical agenda? I hope all is going well with you? Please give us an update!- and have a Happy New Year!!!
Von xx

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I'll tell you what I think about RAD1 comments, first of all he should change his name to Sad1 because it's so "SAD" one person can give you so much negative energy, of course JSR you're scared and confused, that is normal when you have been first diagnosed with possible kidney cancer and waiting for the surgery. RAD1 has a trust issue with his doctor, he is blaming his doctor & playing victim because his kidney function went down after successful surgery, I read his previous comments about taking a medication to lower his cholesterol and normalizes his kidney function even though he had a treatable high cholesterol level before surgery. The truth is if you do not change your diet/lifestyle and exercise before or after surgery just because you're taking a medication to lower cholesterol and normalize kidney function you still have a problem. I am living proof you can raise your kidney function after surgery through diet and exercise, I have lab results to prove it. You're right JSR how would RAD1, I mean SAD1 know you are going to get a second tumor in your other kidney. Trust your doctor, get your surgery done, thank God each day and live a long life. Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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