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Chances are, I won't be posting (my hubby will probably forget to bring my computer to Stanford) so I just want each and everyone to receive my Christmas tidings now.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas morning, those with families, may you enjoy every moment of your loved ones being close. To those that are alone, may you wake up to a most wonderous day, may that first cup of coffee or cocoa warm your heart, and know that you are NOT alone, we, each and everyone here, are with you, giving you our warm thoughts and our hugs.
Yes, we'll be crying tears as well, for those that are no longer with us, in my case, for two of my dearest brothers, my father, and one of my sons. BUT, I will still have laughter in my heart for my four grandsons, my daughter, my son, and the rest of my family. It is a time for us to remember joy, for there is joy somewhere in our hearts and minds, whether of times past, the present or the future.
A new year will be starting soon, and hopefully a brighter future for those of us with cancer, more research, more cures, more hope.
Merry Christmas everyone, I think about each of you everyday.
Winter Marie

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And Happy New Year, I hope this next year is amazing for you. I will be keeping you in my prayers.

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Merry Christmas Dizz!!!! Will be praying for you every day for a speedy recovery. You are loved my friend!


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you, hope a very fast and smooth recovery ,try to keep us informed as much as you can!

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tina dasilva
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A very Merry Chirstmas to you and your family as tomorrow goes by i will be thinking of you .i will send my prayers to you you are a dear friend you gave me hope when i had none and i will always love you for that.hugs Tina

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Thank you for all you bring to the board. Each of us is enriched by your presence.

We will miss you while you are at Stanford, but know that you are ever in our minds and hearts. Your speedy recovery will be a grand Christmas present for us all, so be a good girl, mind the doctors and nurses and get back to us soonest!

May the New Year bring you health, peace and happiness.


The other Marie

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Winter Marie, please know that all of us are thinking of and praying for you. I just know things are going to be so much better for you. So, you just concentrate on your recovery and know we are waiting here for you.



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Merry Christmas Winter Marie....all the very best tomorrow and hopes for a lovely speedy recovery from your surgery...surgeries!

thinking of you lots....

love, mags

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You said that wonderfully, you have such a wonderful spirit. My Christmas wish for you is to feel in your heart the love and care from your friends and family at home and also the many many people on here. You are going to be thought of by so many during your surgery and recovery. I hope everything goes easy and smooth for you and that your pain meds work terrific. Come home soon, but not too soon :)


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You are in my thoughts and prayers Winter Marie, hope everything goes well at Stanford.


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You are loved? You sure are. Remember, we are all with you in the room. My thoughts are with you + I hope this surgery turns out to be the best Christmas gift EVER!!!! Merry Christmas, + thanks for your Christmas wishes.

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Hoping you have a very Merry Christmas although you won't be where you want to be. Praying that all goes well with your surgeries tomorrow. May God be with you and your team of doctors for a successful surgery and a very speedy recovery.

Hugs! Kim

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Hi Winter Marie, Merry Christmas and best wishes for a speedy recovery! May this new year bring health and happiness. Hugs, Cynthia and Rick

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Joined: Nov 2009

I will be thinking and praying for you today, may you be blessed with a succesful outcome and s speedy recovery. we are sure going to miss you around here!!!

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Winter Marie,

So glad your surgery date has finally come. I'm sure the results will be nothing less than you are expecting. I will be praying for a speedy recovery.


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