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Only 2 sessions of carbo/taxol and no more. Liver affected and not doing well.

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luz del lago
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After a recurrence and mets to several bones and now a new spot on the affected lung, my husband has begun to experience pain in his upper abdomen and hips and back. An ultra sound was done to see if gall bladder was acting up as he is experiencing a severe gag reflex at even the mention of food and the abdominal pain. They wanted to see if there were any blockages, as they said that could be corrected. His liver (has many cancer lesions) is acting up. It started with abnormal function readings, which have stabilized, but the bilirubin count is 5.4 as of last Monday. He is slightly jaundiced and has the "orange" urine. After ct and ultra sound they could not find any blockages. They believe it can be damage by the taxol or simply the cancer in the liver reeking havoc. My love was given pain medication and must take nausea meds to get through the day. He seems to be losing all his muscle as the only thing he consumes is hot tea, small portions of creamed soups, applesauce and Boost. The fatigue is severe.
After months of reading and sharing in this wonderful site, I have had the honor and blessing of seeing so many "bumps" in the road for folks, some mild, some severe. I have read with joy the recoveries and survivals. I pray that my husband's health improves enough to see a new year, and be strengthened to battle this monster.
His Oncologist will be administering topetecan on Monday. She says he will be able to take it as they can give to folks with liver problems. I know it is a far reach as we have been told that the recurrence came too soon, to both first and second line treatments. As a wife that adores this man, I cannot help but have hope! I also cannot help but be scared at what my eyes are seeing that is happening to him!

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Hang in there Lucy; I am sorry that the two of you are going through so much pain.
Sending good thoughts your way...

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luz del lago
Posts: 452
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Just got used to living one day at a time, now I feel I'm living one hour at a time. Thank you Medi for your words of support.

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Glenna M
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I'm sorry to hear about your husband's problems and will be praying that his doctors will find a treatment that will work for him.

I will be keeping you both in my prayers.


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So sorry to hear the pain your husband is going through, I will keep you both in my prayers to beat this beast. Stay strong and best wishes..... Dan

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Keep hoping--it's all you can do. My thoughts are with you both and I hope the new treatment buys you and your husband time together.


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Sending many prayers your way!

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I don't pray, but I want you to know I'm thinking of you and your husband and hoping he will come through his bump in the road feeling much better.
♥ Deb

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I dont pray either. Now my wife that is a different story. None the less, I am thinking of you and your family and as always, am keeping hope.

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From 12-21-10 POST An inspiration

Dear ones,

My Love Dennis has gone to a place of glory, a place of peace and no pain. We were blessed with short suffering and pain and a calm came over him as he said good-by.

You all gave him inspiration, hope and knowledge. He would wish that you who are survivors continue your quest in this life. That the miracle that is your life continue to inspire all who see and know you.

With a saddened heart,

Luz Del Lago

‹ not mine Hope....Faith.....Love.....Joy ›

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I knew better, don't know what I was thinking :(

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My heart goes out to you and your family. It is so thoughtful of you to be thinking of others as you deal with your loss. I wish you much peace and am grateful you are a part of this community.

Best wishes always


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