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I wish there was something I could do...

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I wish I could do something...One of my high school friends is in Rochester off and on because he is battling aplastic anemia and needs a bone marrow transplant....His brother and sisters are not matches...so now the waiting begins until he can have someone...I wish I could just some how find him people to test for matches. Now we just found out that his mother has breast cancer and it's in the lymph nodes too. This family is absolutely wonderful. I use to work at the grocery store and they should not have to go through all of this....Please say a prayer for them at this point that's all I can do... Thanks for letting me share a few words.

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Recently in our community there was a need for a bone marrow donor. There was a rather large drive, held at a local church, I believe, in which a good number of people signed up to be tested. They were able to locate a donor that way. Perhaps the local American Cancer Society could help here in determining the best course of action.

Best wishes with your efforts. It is good to see someone take a pro-active stance on fighting this disease.


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