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I cry everyday

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My sister passed away of breast cancer in May 2010, In Aug I lost my father in law. With the holidays here I am lost. My sister was my best friend. I have her son b/c his dad chose not to take him, so not only did he lose his mom his dad dont want him. How do you tell a child at Christmas your not wanted by your dad. I told him when my sister died that he didnt have to pay me child support that I would take care of him. We havent heard from him since June. Its sad. My sister would of been crushed. I am doing the best I can for Adam hes 17 but has ADHD and mentally about 12 and am trying to get him somethings to make him have a nice Christmas. I also have a 10 yr old so it isnt easy.
I keep telling myself that god wont give me more than I can handle but its tough.
I have cried many tears I guess I am selfish and need her here. I tell myself next year will be better.

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I am very sorry for your loss. You are a wonderful sister and aunt. I too hope next year will be better. Lost my husband six months ago and wonder if I will ever move past the grief and loneliness. I truly hope 2011 is a better and happier year for all of us.

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Tina Blondek
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Hello Trabrat
So sorry for your losses. I too lost my beloved dad on March 9, 2010. He had esophageal cancer which went to his liver. I am now in the hospital with my mom, who just had 4 bypass surgery on 12/6, and is back in the hospital now with fluid on her lung and around her heart. You are not alone believe me. The way I deal with my dad's passing and the holidays is.....He is celebrating his first Christmas in heaven. He is no longer in pain, no longer suffering, and no longer has cancer. He and your sister are in such a better place. We will meet them again. Jesus made us a promise. He always keeps his promises. My dad and your sister are now angels in heaven looking down upon us. Take care of yourself. Keep in touch. We are here for eachother always.
Tina in Va

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is so lucky to have someone like you...very sad for the dad...his lose but hard for child to understand...

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