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This is a short list of men that have died from PCa

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This is a short list of men that have died from PCa and I am sure would agree with the importance of taking the PSA test. While the list is imcomplete here’s some for us to remember and think about:

o Merv Griffin
o Dan Fogelberg
o Bill Bixby
o Telly Savalas
o Frank Zappa
o Earl Woods (Tiger Woods Dad)
o Bobby Riggs
o Thomas Witter (Dean-Witter-Reynolds)
o Johnny Ramone
o Steve Ross (CEO Time-Warner)

This is truly a short list that I selected – they’re are far to many more to list ....

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are we only counting famous men. What's the point here?

The Nev
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I see the point, when I was diagnosed a doctor friend of mine said "prostate cancer don't worry piece of cake" I can tell you that in my opinion this is a piece of cake I don’t want any part of. If he would have said John Smith, Fred Slawson, and Bobby LeDrew died of prostate cancer everyone would have said WHO? This proves that this is a deadly disease and some real people have died from it. Think about it how many people get involved in a cause before they know someone effected? Good post made a lot of sense to me.

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thanks, Nev. I see your point now

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Because someone that day made some silly statement that PCa was no big Cancer to worry about. Happy Holidays to all

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The list was short because that is about the only way we hear about prostate cancer, when someone famous gets it. I think a lot of it is because men try to keep it a secret, do not want people to know about it. A couple of years ago I was sitting down Lake Michigan in Chicago fishing with a few friends, and a large group of people came walking by in pink T shirts for Breast Cancer. They do not have these large groups out walking for prostate cancer. I am not sure about the numbers but I think the rate of prostate and breast cancer are close to the same. I am sure that if they had some bright color T-shirts and ribbons for prostate cancer that I would not be wearing one. A lot of my close friends do not know about my problem, those that do do not know the details. There are a couple of people who I am going to have to tell soon, and I have been putting it off.

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it's not necessary to point out the deaths of prostate cancer. famous or not. we all realize that cancer anywhere on your body can kill you.
rather, the point of this forum is to unite and discuss how we can help one another.

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