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pain in lower back, buttocks area following surgery, radiation and chemo treatment.

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I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in nov 2007 and had magor surgery to renove a large tumor from that area. I had radation/chemo treatment in 2008 which was tough going but i got through and the scan results have been good sinse. unfortunately i've had to have some more surgery for adhesions ten weeks ago but i'm well on the mend from that setback right now. The main problem i have is pain in my buttocks, and all across my lower back. This pain is there whe i'm sitting and theres pressure on that area. when im in the standing position or lying in bed on my tummy, there is no pain at all. The opinion of My oncologist
is that it has been caused by either the radiation or the chemo. Painkillers do give some relief but they are heavy on the tummy and make me feel kinda wooosey in the head, so i dislike taking them....
Is there anyone out there who has any knowlege of this condition or might be able to give some advice as to how I could better my quality of life or how i should proceed medically???

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I've been dealing with pain in my rectal area for some time now, and we are having a hard time finding the cause of it. Nothing was showing on scans for the longest time. I finally had a scope and they found a lesion at my rectal/sigmoid junction. It's bleeding and is probably the cause of some of my pain, the rest is most likely from scar tissue from prior surgeries and infections. I am working with my doctors to find resolution to my pain, although I don't get relief from standing up or lying on my tummy, the pain is lessened. I am currently on extended release morphine, with hydrocodone for break through pain and this manages it fairly well. Am looking into something to attack the lesion to see if I can't get more permanent relief. I sure hope you are able to find relief; consider a pain management team to give you better relief.

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Kerry S
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Yep, I been there. That is what got me started on this board. I was looking for answers.

It was so bad for me that I walked with a bad limp. The problem is nerve damage from being rotisserized with the radiation and while they basted it with the damn chemo. I don’t care what my Onc says. They cooked my butt. Rad Oncs don’t like the term cooked.

I lived on percocet back then. Now I have no problems at all with it. While I have an old coots body (I be 68 in March), it is still damn good at rebuilding itself.

You just have to grit your teeth and get off your butt and walk it off. I drove the scary old woman nuts just walking in circles around the house the first winter. (She was pretty much on the edge anyway). This does help rebuild the nerves. If you do research on the net you will read that the nerve damage is permanent. I think I have proved them wrong.


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I have had serious butt pain since the radiation cooked me also about 6 months ago the had the APR 3 months ago still in serious pain. I havnt been able to drive a car I have to ride shotgun with the seat reclined way back. I should have healed by now but the damage from radiation caused alot of nerve damage. Doctors don't tell you these things are going to happen. I hope you find some answers and if so share them with me. This is a pain in the *** literally.

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Thanks for the reply's folks. I will keep this forum posted as to my progress and good luck to ye all.

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I had my rectal cancer surgery done in June 2009 and had 19 cycle of chemo. After Petscan in Dec 2010 the tumor has grown back. I am also experiencing pain at my butt and the doctor gave me pain killer made from opion. It help initially but later it is less effective. I have tested my cancer cells with two laboratories and both gave opposing result. The onco said there is no chemo available to treat this cancer. I am now using complementary therapy. I am taking fucoidan 20 cap per day, omega 3 ,CoQ 10 and stay in Far Infra Sauna one hour per day in the morning. I found out while the suana the pain is much less. Recently I was introduce to another therapy call Hydro Spa or Medic Spa. I have not tried it yet and I want to find out whether anyone out there has tried this therapy and how effective it is.

Thank you.


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