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what kinds of blood tests/ diagnostic tests

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I was just wondering what blood tests or diagnostic tests you or your loved ones take. I've learned that blood tests are not good indicators the hard way. CEA levels were normal, but new growths popped up after getting CT scan every 3 months. We only did blood work and CT scans. I was wondering what other people do. Thanks.

- have2believe

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My husband's Oncologist does a PET Scan every 2 months (she would like to do them more often but that is what our insurance allows) along with the CAT Scan. She also does the CEA, CA 19.9 and CA 72.4 blood tumor marker tests about every other week. In addition, she has had my husband have a couple of endoscopies (baseline when he was first diagnosed and one after five months). At the time of the endoscopy, she has biopsies taken and sent out for molecular targeted therapy to see what chemo is most effective at that time.

I hope that helps.

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I had a repeat EGD with biopsies 1 year after my roux en y. I will continue to have this done once a year. I also have had a ct scan and blood tests. Diane C.

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