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Here comes my first FOLFOX. I'm going to be so tough, I won't be able to feel nothin'. :):):)


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Fear of the unknown and how this chemo will affect you is so very human. Very difficult sitting there watching the infusion, try and nap or read or simply talk to others in the lab and it will be over before you know it. Get lots of rest and fluids when you get home. I sincerely hope the side effects are minimal for you. Reading our experiences will prepare you for any side effects.

Wishing you continued healing - Tina & George

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You'll do fine. Thanks to this site you won't be caught off guard with the possible side effect symptoms. I'll be hoping for an uneventful and easy round for you. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. That seems to be what most end up in the ER with when it comes to chemo - dehydration. Just be careful not to drink anything cold! And watch you first bite of food. Some have a sudden jaw pain with it but, if you keep chewing it goes away. And above all ... stay warm especially hands and feet. HUGS

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I pray your first Folfox goes as well as mine did.
You're going to do great!

A big hug,

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You go Girl!!!!!


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you just stay one step ahead of that oxy girl

you are going to do well


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Good luck Gail...my dad starts his first FOLFOX/AVASTIN treatment on 12/14. Wishing the best for you.

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As others mentioned hydrate well. The side effects aren't so bad at first, except for the intolerance to cold, especially cold liquids, and the first bite syndrome ( the jaw spasm). I found that by clenching my jaw first before chewing the fbs wasn't so bad. I hope you live in a warm state. I'm in Minnesota so it was pretty much covering everything up when going outside. The side effects do become more cumulative, especially the numbness in the hands and feet but be sure to talk to your onc as you go along and she/he can help.

Keep at it, Dick

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Hope that it all goes well for you. You can do it, I'm sure of it. If by chance you get vision problems that can happen too but it will get better.


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Welcome to the Folfox Club where no one wants to be. React to your side effects as they come don't be a tough about it. Folfox has a way of changing side effects on you just as you get use to the ones you had. Let the adventure begin and start killing the beast. Hugs Lou

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Lou do you have to be a current user of the drug oxy to belong to the club.

I am one and onehalf years out of oxy and I would like to apply for membership please

lol.....you must need some old timers......

Christmas Hugs....


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Take a good book.
I took my laptop and did some posts while getting infused.
Then I feel asleep.
Hope it goes well.

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side effects,I was on Folfox last year and was manageable to me!.
Cheers and Hugs!

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