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2 years ago today I was diagnosed, what a crazy ride it has been

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Two years ago tonight my best friend drove me to the ER and I heard those awful words everyone dreads.

I am happy to say every 3 month checkup I have had has come back clean. I know how very lucky I am, I have seen up close what colon cancer can do when things are not going your way. I know that not every year will go this good and maybe one day cancer will win, but that day is not today. I have thought a lot about how cancer has changed me, some for the good and some for the bad.

Today I have thought a lot about the people here. The ones still fighting, that get knocked down but pick themselves up and still soldier on, the caregivers who always put themselves 2nd and now face the holidays without their loved one, and the ones that have passed on this year, who showed such grace and strength in the face of such pain and sorrow, but still inspire us to fight on.

So I raise a glass to you all, I pray for healing and happiness for you all in the coming year!

P.S. Suck it cancer, you lose 2 yrs in a row :P

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So very glad you shared your anniversary with all of us.

Here's wishing you many more of the same with good health and happiness.


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Thanks Marie, I always wanted to tell you your posts always make me smile, I love when you sign them Marie, who loves kitties. Because I too love them, I have two Vinnie and Cali.


who loves kitties :)

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That is fantastic news. I like your closing...

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I have two also Sweetie and Smokey. Great companions and always manage to do some cat-magic to make me smile.


Marie who loves kitties, too

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Wishing you many more happy anniversaries like this one

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A note of congratulations to you Christine. Doing the happy dance with you and raising my cup of tea to us all.

Good going!! And many, many more years of good health to you.


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That's awesome! Here's to many more cancer-free years!


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Chris, very well said. Congrats to you, you are winning the battle. One day at a time is all we can do. You are doing it beautifully. My 2 yr mark from diagnosis is coming up, hard to believe everything we have gone through. strength and courage to all who are fighting this beast.. Petrina

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it was also 2 year mark for me back in sept.i am also NED and it is encouraging to know that the ones who were dx around the same time i was are doing well...Godbless...johnnybegood

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Johnnybegood to your two year mark.


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I raise a glass with you! heres to two years, and hopefully many more.


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Soon it will be 3, then 4, then, 10, then 20....

BIG hugs, dearheart!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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Thanks for posting your good news! Joining in on the naked happy dance here! I raise a glass to your 2 year anniversary, Christine - 2, cancer -0!

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Thanks for sharing your wonderful news; I am really happy for you. It sure sounds like things are going well for you. I am glad you post.

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Kenny H.
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Congrats on 2yr milestone. look forward to that day myself! Thanks for the kind words.

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I hit the 2 year mark in November and I did not know how to feel! The first year is so crazy - with treatment, surgery etc., and waiting for the other shoe to drop with each checkup. Then, this past year was mostly wonderful as I got back to "normal" things and back into health. I was really affected by the wonderful people who lost their battle this year, encouraged by all the wonderful people fighting and amazed by the caregivers who have to stand on the sidelines. I am grateful for today and all the possibilities that await me. Dancing with you today!!!

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Congratulations just doesn't seem the right word, but it is as far as your victory of being cancer free. I'm just a couple days ahead of you on finding out. Yup you will never forget that day. I'm also just two years out so knowing exactly where you are coming from. Enjoy your holidays.


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Thanks, Christine and congrats that you've beat the beast down!

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Way to go and congratulations on being two years free of this terrible disease. If you don't mind me asking what stage where you at DX? I hope and pray that one day I too will be able to be NED for 2 years, then 5, then 10 then 20 and so on. Honestly I just want to get my life back to normal and get back to work...

Bobby in Dallas

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I hope you get your wish and live many many years. I believe you are new to this right? The beginning is so scary and emotional. The two year mark was always sort of a bench mark for me, after my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer she only made it 2 yrs, so I have surpassed that and feel so grateful. I my heart breaks for people with small children that face this. I will keep you in my prayers.

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I am so happy for you!!! That must be such a great feeling! I hope you never have to face the battle again and can focus on a long life free of cancer. Don't ever look back and enjoy your wonderful life.


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Congrats and many more to come!!!!!


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Cheers to you Chris :)


P.S. my kitties are Fluffy and Shadow, they are so furry and loving and playful.

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Happy Anniversary, Christine! Much love to you during this holiday season and always!!


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