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stress test

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Hey everyone, just an update, I made it through the stress test, no major issue's! Kind of tired after the first day of work, but not unbearable! I keep on saying, working is a hell of a lot better then going through what we all experienced or are currently going through. Port flush in two weeks, wish I could just get rid of it...... but I may need it...LOL Take care everyone! Vinny

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Glad to hear about the stress test results. It always amazes me that the body can be healing itself, even in areas that we don't realize and this is happening throughout all of our systems. No wonder we are tired!! Congrats on getting through that first day of work. It feels good I know. Don't get discouraged by the fatigue. I found I could make it really pretty good for 2 days but by #3 I was draggin',then 3 days,4 etc. The full load will come but naps were my salvation. Mary

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Hi Vinny,
Geez..when I think back to that period of time when you were so weak and barely able to function with super low blood counts, and now read that your back at work and able to complete a stress test...well...it just makes me so darn happy and hopeful!! I worried sick about you and hardly a day went by that your name wasn't mentioned in our house. I'm so happy for you Vinny...soooo very happy!!!!
Much love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)

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Hi, Vinny,

I thought like Sue worrying you would not make it with zero counts and I cried several times praying for you over and over. There you are!! Amazing. I am so relieved and my hopes are lifted up to the sky and to the horizon! May your health continue to prosper!


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I know what you mean about Vinny. I used to hear his name around here so much I would put out an extra plate at dinner time and wonder where he was when we sat down to eat. hahahaha!!! He's on his way to feeling better everyday now and all my wishes for him end with a THUMBS UP!!! John(FNHL-1-4A-5/10)

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Great news about the stress test!! And... glad you survived day one back to work!! Isn't it interesting how GREAT it feels to go back? I love love love the normalcy of it! So even though it's exhausting it still puts a smile on my face.

I pray your energy level continues to get better each day! Happy for you !


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Congratulations Vinny I am so glad to hear you made it through the stress test and the day of work. Milestones are awesome when we get past them.

Take it slow, reach for the stars my friend!



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Hi Vinny,
Wonderful news about the stress test, and congratulations on your first day back to work. You must feel so great, just knowing that you can go back to work. Enjoy and also rest when your tired.
All the best...

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Thanks for all your wonderful comments!!!! you guys are the best!!!! Vinny

miss maggie
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Hi Vinnie,

Glad your stress test is behind you. I can understand you being tired your first day back to work. But, as each day passes you will get stronger and stronger. Think of it this way. I would think a person might be tired returning to work after having a long vacation.

God Bless maggie

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