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melanoma of the rectum

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My best friend just had her rectum, part of colon and part of vagina removed this week and colostomy put in. Is there anyone else out there that has melanoma of the rectum? They said that it is rare and that there isn't any chemo treatment for this type of cancer they are going to do radiation. If anyone has had this type of cancer I would like to know what treatment they received. She's being treated at the Cancer Treatment Center in Zion Ill which is suppose to be the best. Any info would be great. It breaks my heart to see her go through this. Thanks

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I'm sorry for your friends dx and tx she had to go through. You might want to post under rare cancers. Another way to search for this dx is to use the search and inquire melanoma and rectum, and maybe something will come up. I have read where melanoma was found in anal cancer patients. Hopefully, the tx she is getting with the removal of all the affected areas will be the best tx along with the radiation to stop any more growth.

I wish you and your friend well. Lori

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I'm sorry to hear about your best friend Sunrise 12. My mother has had the same procedure done for this rare cancerous melanoma in the rectum. My mother is 72 years of age and was diagnosed with it in Jan 2010 and had the same procedure done in Feb 2010, removal of part of colon, part of her vagina removed and colostomy put in...also she had a full hysterectomy. Unfortunately as you have found there is little info on this.
I only signed up with this site to give you the info above and wished could give you new info but do not have any. My mom is currently in palliative care and it appears she will transition into hospice care soon. The problem with the melanoma is that even if they remove most of it, it continues to grow and grow. My mother cannot sit any longer due to the growth it is growing right at her rectum (outward, also appears to be growing inside of her and now she is having problems with her bladder....the Dr. says it may be growing in that area as well. She has a hospital bed right now and not too comfortable. I pray her pain is not to severe. My mother did initially take chemo and the melanoma shrunk very little. she is not getting chemo anymore since the dr said it was only helping her 15%. She went to los angeles back in Jan and saw a dr there who thought she was a candidate for a drug they were testing but later found she was not. ....again i wish i could give u helpful info ...sorry. I signed up with this site to let you know , yes there is someone else here with the same diagnosis.

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Hi sunrise 12. You are a sweet friend in time of need. I know it's been a while since you posted about your friend, but I just saw this. It is indeed a rare cancer. At 46 I had anorectal melanoma. I also had removal of my rectum and a permanent colostomy(APR) and a total hysterectomy. I received 1 year of interferon treatment. It has been 3 years. I am doing well, although I think of cancer everyday. I do pray that your friend has regained her health. I would be most happy to communicate with you or your friend. I would like to offer you hope. I am surviving and thriving. Blessings to you. ♥

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Dear bvmhelpsme, 


I have received an e-mail from greece43 who has melanoma of the 

rectum and is very frightened and does not know what to do. 


I have read your statement and perhaps you can help her. 


If you cannot find her here....she gave out her own contact e-mail for anyone to help her. 

She is very scared...frightened. 


If you cannot talk to her here (can't find her)    she posted greece43@hotmail.com  


I hope you can reach her.   Amelia7

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