Platelets still dropping from 25,000 down to 23,000-another blood test tomorrow

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Well, had another bloodtest today. My platelets dropped again since Saturday when they were 25,000 down to 23,000 today on Monday.

My white count is also low but went up from 1.1 to 1.2 today. I am guess neutophils probably went from 600 to 700 as they usually are equal with the white-but that number was not back yet-and they don't me not to wait for it.

My hemoglobin is now 11, since I had the packed cells transfusion last week.

I go again tomorrow for another bloodtest, and also see my chemo oncologist and radiation oncologist for a prescheduled appointment.

Tomorrow will be three weeks since my 6th chemo.

Please send me positive vibes that my counts will start to recover soon.




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    Sending you positive


    Sending you positive vibes your way that your counts will recover quickly and soon!