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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

dear santa,

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Mr Claus,
i know you cant cure my mom;
youre magical but lets face it, not that magical.
but theres something else you can help me with.

make this christmas count.

let her wake up and not have tingly feet.
give her an appetite so she can just enjoy dinner with us.
help her to appreciate her chemo-brain, and not get angry.
make it snow, but keep her warm.
give her the strength to not dread the big chair, and the silver pole.
and above all,
help me show her that shes everything i could ever ask for in a mother.

if you help me,
you can have all the christmas cookies.

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This is an awesome prayer, I hope your dreams come true! I am sorry your mother is having such a hard time.

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Your mother is blessed to have you.

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what if santa doesnt have an internet connection?

Thank you everyone for your support.
I can always count on this virtual family to receive my rants openly.

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Maybe you need to send it by "snail mail"; Santa is a little older + might not be internet-savvy.

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but if mailmen are afraid of dogs,
do you think they like reindeer?

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I'll have to think on that one! I do know that the North Pole gets a lot of mail. Our kids used to send a letter to Santa every year. Although I do remember faxing one year when we were running out of time, + it still seemed to get there!

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ive always wondered about that. maybe a cargo plane opens the emergency door and just drops a huge bag of letters on santas door step.
part of the wonder of christmas.

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That is a wonderful prayer,I hope it comes true.

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That's just truly beautiful!


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