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My feet are swollen...I am very concerned

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I am very concerned about swelling of my feet. I noticed it about a month ago, but it wasn't so bad, however, a couple of days ago they got twiice as bad. I called my oncologist and they want to see me on Monday, they seem concerned. Have any of you experienced this? I am afraid of what this could mean, it seems like after treatment, there is always something else to deal with. I am not married and starting to feel very alone:-(

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Hello, I really don't know why, but my oncologist always checked my legs and ankles for swelling. I thing there is a post about this, if you do a search on swollen ankles it should come up. I will try right now, and then post on it to bring it to the top. Lori

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Thank you, Lori, my dr. did that too while I was going through treatment. I hope its nothing too serious, they are not so bad first thing in the morning, but by the end of the day, they are terrible, and they started to hurt.

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This could be lymphedema and should be checked out by your doctor. I'm glad you are going in to see him on Monday. This is a pretty common side effect associated with the radiation. Do a google and you can learn much more about it.

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I will check that out, I want to be prepared for my Monday's appt. As always, I appreciate the feedback. Thank you!

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I have swelling in my legs and feet. it is lymphedema. I was sent to physical therapy and they worked on my legs for a few weeks wrapping them and then I got the compression hose. I am suppose to wear them everyday. They really help. I hope you have had a good experience in getting this taken care of.

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My oncologist checks my legs for swelling as well. They check for lymhedema or clots. Foot swelling could result from radiation. I know you are worried. Post treatment we do worry about everything. It's probably a side affect of treatment. Hopefully they will be able to prescribe some physical therapy to alleviate the swelling and discomfort.

Please keep us posted.


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