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Granddaughter fighter Cancer again

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Really could use some suggestions.
Our granddaught who is now 5 yrs old, has a reaccuring ostreaSarcoma in her other leg. April 2009 She was diagnose and had her left leg amputated. Surgeon was concerned about quality of life vs several surgeries and hospital stays. She has done real well with her prothestic and walks real good. About the second week of Sept. 2010 she was diagnosed with the same thing but in the other leg. Same place (above the knee) She has been going through chemo now and they are now discussing what to do with the leg. They said that this is alot more seriouse that the first. That she has a 25% surival. The the cancer willl sure go to the lungs, if not now but sometime in the near future. The surgeon told us yesterday, that he feels that taking both limbs with such a low survival would be just terrible for the child. That he would rather try and save the leg and let her be a little girl while she is still with us. I agree.
I need some help with the different types of leg salvage. He is talking about a total leg and knew replacement. But I guess this will be the first of it's kind with a 5 year old. He says he is having trouble with red tape. Proceedure is not approved yet for a young child.
Does anyone know or have some information. We are going to try for a December date for the surgery.

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Wow, I'm suprised nobody has replied. This is my first time on this board as I usually frequent the Esophegeal cancer board (that is my dad's primary cancer). Tim, it's nearing the end of January and I wonder how your grand daughter is doing. Must be heart breaking to watch her go through this at such a young age. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your grand daughter.


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Wow. I am a bone cancer patient and with knowing what I have to go through I can't imagine a child having to deal with this. God bless. Look to the lord. He will guide you to make the right decisions. Lots of thoughts and prayers to you.

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