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Update-1st post surgery CT scan and colonoscopy

Fight for my love
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Hi dear all,

I want to share some good news:the oncologist used the word "NED" to describe ct scan results and the surgeon used "normal" for colonoscopy.

My husband got his ct scan done in Sep,after that,we never got a phone call from oncologist,so we knew it was a good sign.Finally we visited oncologist at the end of Oct.The oncologist was happy about the results,he says it couldn't be better than that.Since this was his 1st post surgery scan(his surgery was done in Sep,2009),I really had a lot concerns about it.I am really happy that everything is clear.

Today my husband got his colonoscopy done,he was out pretty quickly and the nurse told me everything was normal.So everybody was happy.

The next step is to take care of his hernia.But I think it is going to be a small piece of cake compared with last year's major surgery.

We have been very busy and crazy over the last weekend and this week,because we are going back to China to visit my family in one week and we also got a very short notice at weekend that the appartment we rent now is going to be foreclosed.So we are very busy with packing and looking for a place to live.Hopefully we will find another appartment very soon.

Thanks to all of you.My heart is really full of gratitude for all of your love and supports.I really can't imagine how we can get here without you guys.Thanks for listening.Take care.

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That is truly wonderful! I'm so glad for you.


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This is wonderful news; I am happy for both of you!

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So very glad that all the tests are AOK for hubby.

Sounds like you are really busy with the big trip and also trying to find someplace to live. Hope all of that goes well and you find a place that is much better for much less!

Please post pictures of your visit to China when you can.

Safe travels,

Marie who loves kitties

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Thank you for sharing, I'm so pleased for you.


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Congratulations, hope we have more news like this!

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What wonderful news to have as you prepare to take your trip. Enjoy!

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You've come a long way:)

I'm sorry you are having to move out of your place - may the next one be even better.

Back to China, huh? Well, enjoy your visit and say hi to everyone!

Great news on your results.


Fight for my love
Posts: 1530
Joined: Jun 2009

Thanks for all of your responses.

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