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anyone with brain mets that cause vision and balance issues?

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my dad's dizziness seems to be getting worse! the ONC told us that if the radiation didn't help, nothing would. that was a hard pill for dad to swallow! he finished radiation in june and has had 2 treatments of Alimta/Avastin that started in Sept. he has been able to go down to just 1mg of decadron a day vs. the 4 he was on...so that's good news.

just curious to see if anyone else has these balance and vision issues and how you deal with it.

cheri - only child and caregiver to Dad

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yes I had confusion and was off balance with my brain mets symptoms went away as tumors shrunk I also had a vision problem a spot in my line of vision that also had dissapeared

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Mom had the balance issues when she was dx. She had SCLC w/mets to brain. The decodran and radiation helped with her balance, but we then had issues with confusion....or "finding the right words".

No vision issues.

Take care and I hope these symptoms get under control.

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I have had no issues like hat but I am on radiation for it now I had 5 treatments and have 5 to go.. the main thing is hedaches or insominia..my brain started bleeding and I lost my speech but with the meds took care of that in 3 or4 days and I can talk again I have 3 spots their dealing with MY SMELL AND TASTE ARE ALL WHACKED UP!!!! but other than that I feel and function fine they say I can not drive for at least 6 weeks which is killing me. best of luck to all dealing on this mainly look forward and KEEP UP YOUR POSSITIVE ATTITUDE

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My step-father-in-law I take care of is doing the samething. He had 10 radiation treatments and for 7 days he was great and now he cannot walk sees things that are not there double vision and dizziness so bad he stays in bed all the time. the decadron was to let him live a little longer but they told me the side effects were just as bad as the swelling going on in his brain. Today they told me to keep him on pain meds and let nature take its course! Our cancer dr just told me to give up and I guess he thinks that is easy to sit by and do but I am with this man 24-7 and love him with all my heart and this is taking a big toll on me as I have never dealt with cancer before. You are in my prayers because it is hard and you are a great daughter to take care of your dad and never forget that!

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