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Worried about Dad's Thyroid Cancer

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My dad (59 years old) was recently diagnosed with Thyroid cancer (we do not know which type). On Oct. 25, he had his largest nodule removed along with part of his thyroid (He has two other tiny nodules). During his operation, a pathologist dissected the thyroid nodule in 4 sections and was very confident that it was benign. He saw no signs of cancer. The plan was that if the pathologist suspected cancer, the surgeon would remove his entire thyroid. Well, unfortunately, his final biopsy report came back four days later and it revealed a small amount of cancer in the nodule. The surgeon told him that he needs to have the rest of his thyroid removed and this should be the only treatment that he needs. I am concerned because we do not know what type of thyroid cancer it is and the thought of him not having RAI frightens me because of the possibility of cancer cells being left behind after the surgery.Please give me your thoughts and opinions about his situation. What have your experiences been? Thank you so much for your responses.

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Trust me i understand your concern.. if you look a few posts down you will see my semi blog on it

My experiance with thyroid cancer nov 2009-oct 2010 (LONG)

also go to Thyca.org they have alot of good info there.

read this board and gather all the information you can

talk to your dad let him know what you are worried about and see if you can get some questions or some answers.. be there to support him.

there are lots of reasons for them to decide not to have RAI. personaly I would push for it unless there are some major reasons not to have it done.

please ask questions we will answer what we can and tell of our experiances

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Thank you for your response. I appreciate that. I read your discussion board and learned a lot. Thank you for sharing. My dad spoke with his surgeon and he is now saying that he may have the RAI treatment. My dad had four nodules, two were removed-one had cancer and the other did not. He also has two smaller ones have not been checked yet. He will have the rest of his thyroid taken out on November 18th. Again, thank you for your comment and support. I wish you the best of luck with your jounrney.

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