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Viagra after prostate surgery

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How soon after surgery did the doctor prescribe the use of Viagra for to get erections I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 6 week checkup and my first PSA test maybe just a little anxiety here for me.

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I started 3 weeks with 5mg Cialis daily plus bi-Mix injections 2-3 times a week (I am down to 1 a week with the injections...I am part of a ED study...My surgery was March 3 of this year)...Best of luck

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My Dr. prescribed a full Viagra 2X a week starting in my third week after surgery. It was, as he said, for blood stimulation more so that ED.

I just had my blood drawn on Friday for my first post op PSA test. I feel your anxiety...

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My doctor prescribed 50mg Viagra the day after catheter removal but I took a full pill of 100mg. We filled it two days later and had successful intercourse ten days after surgery.

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I was told to start with Viagra 2-3 weeks after surgery. I was given 50mg samples and was told to split it and try with 25mg first. She also told me to use visual stimulation to help things along.

There was more success than I had hoped for on the first time out. Took the pill on an empty stomach and 15 mintues later had some reaction. Visual stimulation and such aided to more satisfaction and orgasim. An hour later, all was back to fully relax stage. While it was not anything to have intercourse with, it was a start for me and hopeful to a full recovery over time.

I have my first PSA test on Nov 17. Surgery was Oct 6 with Da vinci and catheter came out on the 15th.

Good luck

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