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Mother's Pride O/T

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OK, so I want to brag a little. And I can tie this to my cc dx. This really helps me get through this rough 1st round of chemo.

My oldest son has been in marketing for a major Los Angeles based sports team for quite a while (even left his high paying job to pursue this one as sports is one of his passions). Other of his passions are photography, art and writing (which he has always been great at but, a bit afraid to pursue). Well, he decided to help out mom with some of the costs of chemo by taking a couple of side jobs (I've always taken care of everyone else so this one is difficult for me but, something good has come of my dx). My son has now become an official professional photographer and writer as he just recently had 2 sports articles published and some of his sports photography. All just this week. I am so proud of him!

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Hope the thunderous clapping at your son's success didn't scare you!!!!
You have good reason to feel proud, congratulations on his start of a great success story!!!!
Winter Marie

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The only problem is when I see your picture here I can't believe you could have a kid out of grade school! Congratulations, this is wonderful! If something good can come out cancer, that is great. You have raised a wonderful son who wants to help you with chemo costs - not every son would do that! Kudos to you! (+ him too!)

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That is awesome, I am so happy for you and very proud of your son. Does he just cover certain sports or all of them? Professional sports or what?


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He's been working with a basketball team and that is his favorite sport but, he is covering all professional sports. His 2 articles, one was on Tim Lincecum and the other on Devin Hester (the teams wanted to use their own photofiles for the articles so he didn't get to use his own for those articles) and his photography was used for an article covering a 16 year old professional major league gamer. He's had some of his photography and videos used by skateboard shops before but, now he is getting some professional attention. :)

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Yeppers, only right, he should do one on our Giants Tim Lincecum!!!!!

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Great that your son wants to help with the costs. You must have raised him right!

Congrats to him for his sucess and for following his dream.

Marie who loves kitties

P.S. Your avitar pic reminds me of Marlow Thomas in "That Girl" eons ago! lol

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What a wonderful gesture from your son, and congrats on getting published!

Just great


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Good things MUST come from this bad thing called cancer!!!

I'm bustin my buttons for you both!!!!

Hugs, Kathi

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I'm feeling proud just reading this...to have your stuff published and out there and pics to boot. Writing is a special talent and am just so happy for your son that he can live out his dream - and even be paid to do it:)

He must be built out of solid character and was demonstrated by what he did for you during treatment. Always great to read stories of loving families:)

Nice story!


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Just congratulations how proud you must be!

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Thanks so much for the great compliment for my son. He's always been such a good kid that when he was younger I used to tell my friends "sssssh, he was switched at birth and I'm not giving him back!"

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It's comment's, stories, and messages like this that help me along my way with this newness to ca.


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It's been a very rough year for the family and to have something so great to celebrate feels so good. I just wanted to share some good news as I've been a bit whinny lately.

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Lori...I love this story.... good for him....congrats


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That is really something to be so proud of. You have every right to toot your horn on this one. Love it when our kids get a break and things go their way.


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That's so great! No wonder you're proud of him! He's good at what he does, and he's good to his mom. Sounds like a wonderful son to me!


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