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Cervical cancer: Spotting post radiation/chemo--symptom of recurrent cancer or dryness??

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Dear all,

am a new member, inquiring on behalf of my mom who was diagnosed with 3B cervical cancer this spring. She has undergone hsyterectomy and radiation/chemo. 3 months after treatment finished, she began spotting in addition to having stomach pains--this has persisted for the past few weeks. Am very worried about the spotting--has anyone else had similar symptoms/experience? Dr said it could be related to vaginal dryness post radiation, or something worse. I am very much hoping that it's the former versus a symptom of recurrent cancer (and am scared that it could recur so soon after initial treatment). She will have Pet scan, but I would much appreciate if any one out there has any thoughts to share.

Many thanks to all!

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This happened to me a while back and I was told the same thing by my doc. My gyn did a check and found nothing...except the dysplasia was back. Nothing more to date and just waiting and watching the dysplasia to see which way it goes. I hope your mom's turns out to be nothing serious.

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