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Just how bad

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Can anyone share the symptoms they had when they prepared to get their RAI treatment? I had a full TT in September and I get off cytomel and begin my LID on Monday. I am scheduled to get my RAI treatment Nov 10th and intended to work until then. I am starting to think I may have to re-think my plan. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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I worked during that time and found it was mainly ok. I was tired more than usual and I had some funky vision problems where my eyes couldn't always track well together. No other major complaints. I didn't drive at all - very important! I was able to walk to work. I suppose it may also depend on what type of job you have. I was working largely on my own, at a desk, but if your job is more physical or involves more interaction that might be a bit more challenging. Bottom line is it seems hard to predict - not a great answer, huh?! I would say follow the plan you've set out for yourself and just see how it goes.

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I did not have to stop my medication before RAI. My doctor ordered Thyrogen injections before my scan and treatment doses. If you start to have problems and can't function, you might consider asking your doctor about the injections or take some time off of work. Because I work with people (I am in the Medical field) and I drive more than thirty miles to work I wasn't able to stop my medications. Even though I have the B-RAF mutation gene I was still able to uptake the RAI with the Thyrogen injections.

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I did work that time i was not on thyroid replacement.. I have adesk job and i used alot of Vitamin B's and caffine but i was there doing my job...

it all depends person to perosn how much it will affect you.. i needed to use post it notes and lots of lists to keep my mind working on what i needed to do.

good luck

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I was able to work for 2 weeks after stopping my Synthroid but then I was so tired and weak I had to stay home until after my treatment. It hit me suddenly one day at work. I just had to go home and was down for a week before the RAI. Hang in there.

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